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A multi-touch mouse for Android? PadKite does

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A multi-touch mouse for Android? PadKite does

Watching the promo video for PadKite, the first multi-touch mouse for Android, instantly reminded us of a certain “Tiny hands” commercial for a popular burger franchise, but instead of tiny, we felt like we have giant hands. The feeling should be familiar to everyone who has ever tried to click on a tiny piece of text in a mobile web browser – going back and forth and zooming in and out to finally be able to tap on the exact link. That's where PadKite comes with its mouse-like functions to solve your problems. It runs on top of the web browser of Android-running devices, and tablet support is being tested as well.

The app also allows instant searches on YouTube, as well as emailing and sharing content to your favorite social hub in a matter of seconds. Currently, PadKite is available in a beta form on the website below with support for Android Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread, but it'll soon debut on the Android Market. Won't hurt to check it out – it's free.

source: PadKite

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