9 advantages iPhones and iOS have over Android phones in 2021

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iOS, the operating system equivalent of a cup of water. It’s nothing special at a glance, but it’s also simple and easy to digest. It’s easy to use, sleek and somehow looks more professional than Android, so we've prepared here 9 advantages iPhones and iOS have over Android phones in 2021.


Apple Ecosystem

Rolling with the cool kids

When you buy an iPhone, you’re not only getting an iPhone, you’re getting a small cog in the grand symphony that a machine is. In this case, you’re buying a part of Apple’s Ecosystem. This is basically a fancy way of saying that almost every if not every piece of tech Apple makes works well with the rest of their devices. 

The Apple Watch, for instance, is really well made for iPhones and you also have AirDrop which lets you easily share files between your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. It’s pretty much what Apple tries to sell you and we're not going to lie, it’s pretty nice. Other Android companies are trying to achieve the same thing, like Samsung with their SmartTag, Galaxy Watch and Earbuds, but they’re not there yet.

Face ID

It has my face on it

Here’s also something we instantly recognize an iPhone by, the notch. It’s big, it’s bulky, but it has a reason for its existence. It houses the sensors needed for Face ID. We know Face ID seemed like a bit of a letdown during the pandemic with masks and everything, but as far as face scanning goes, no other Android device does it better. Of course, Touch ID did die with its arrival, but it’s pretty amazing. We only wish it would scan your face at a bit more awkward angles since you sometimes need to tilt your head in a weird way just to get an unlock.

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Software support

Best deal in town

Speaking of software though. You’d be delighted to know that Apple has a proven track record of keeping its phones up to date. You can expect around 5 years of software and security updates. Granted, Android companies are promising more and more updates each and every year, but until we see all Android phones being well supported with our own eyes, we’ll still recommend the iPhone as being the single best phone in terms of software support. Besides that, every single Apple user also receives the latest update at the same time as everyone else and that’s honestly pretty cool. We wouldn’t have mentioned this of course if we hadn’t already experienced receiving an update 3 months after its release on Android.

Ease of use

I'd let my grandma use it

If Android sometimes seems too overwhelming, even if you aren't forced to do anything on it with its countless custom options, then you’d be delighted to know that iOS is none of that at least when it comes to the look and feel. The first time you set up your iPhone’s home screen will probably also be the last time you change anything on it. Except maybe when you change your wallpaper from time to time. Honestly, though, that’s just fine. Sometimes all you need your phone to do is just to work rather than you having to work on it. The settings menu is straightforward and all your app icons are right in front of you where you expect to find them.

Software optimization

Smooth like a criminal

If that wasn’t enough though, every single app on the App Store just works. Since Apple produces just a couple of devices for their own operating system, most if not all applications on the App Store, end up being perfectly optimized for your phone. Say goodbye to stuttering, crashing, or Android in general, and say hello to the premium experience, the “Apple experience”. Also, while we did mention in our previous article how the Play Store has more apps than the App Store, we’d like to add that almost all the coolest apps, get release first for iOS on the App Store. Part of this could be since the App Store pays developers more, but it could be also due to strong optimization at play which is beneficial when you want the perfect launch of your brand new game or whatever.

iPhones are no longer that expensive

Seriously though

This one might be related to the iPhone itself, but we think that it’s equally important to emphasize.
In our last article, we said that iPhones are expensive, but we’d like to add something here. They are expensive since they are flagship products. If you go out and grab any top-of-the-line Samsung or OnePlus or whatever Android device it is, you’ll notice that the iPhone 12 Pro Max, isn’t that much more expensive compared to it. 

Heck, the Galaxy S21 Ultra costs more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the new Z Fold 3 is nearly double the price of the most expensive iPhone. So the bar to get such a device is still quite high, but it’s worth considering the option if all you ever buy are high-end devices. We kind of like the 12 Mini and the 128GB model costs around $750. If you also plan on selling your phone, later on, you’d be glad to know that your iPhone will also keep its value for years compared to any other Android phone.

No bloatware

I'm coming clean

By the way, we're sure you’ve noticed how any Android phone you buy tends to come with some shady apps or in general, stuff you don’t want to be installed. So you end up going around to uninstall everything that comes with it or worse, you can’t uninstall those apps so you end up hiding or disabling them. Well, fear not because iOS comes with none of this. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you paid a premium for the premium and clean feel. We understand that companies need to make money and that supplying us with third-party apps from the get-go is part of some deal, but come on. If you’ve already paid for a flagship phone, then the company has already made enough off your back. Apple clearly knows that.

Direct customer support

Exactly what I don't care for, except when I need it

Also, another cool thing related more to Apple rather than iOS. If you buy an iPhone and something goes wrong with it, you should be able to receive direct customer support from Apple. we can’t really say the same for most other Android devices. Some small exceptions exist, but for most people, Apple does really offer amazing support for small and big issues, especially for software-related ones.

FaceTime and iMessage

SMS is for noobs

This really wouldn’t have been a video about iOS if we hadn’t mentioned FaceTime and iMessage because, frankly, they’re great. We want to be clear though, it’s not like Android users don’t have alternatives, but the seamless integration these two apps offer for iPhone users is unmatched. You don’t really need Messenger or WhatsApp for instance because you already have a text messaging app that doubles down as an online messaging service. Also, FaceTime isn’t really something amazing by itself, but once again, the key here is integration. You can be making a phone call to your parents or significant other when you suddenly decide that you want to make this a video call, so you just press the dedicated button for that, and bam, you’re in a video call.

So that was pretty much all we could muster, but we guarantee you, there are more reasons than this to go with iOS, but of course, you can find those too when you look over to Android’s camp. This basically means that either OS should do good in the hands of the proper person. Because for every difference we mentioned here, there are probably 5 similarities. 

Every good feature gets copied down the road and with a market as competitive as this one, this is even more true. If we’ve missed anything else which you think is far better on iOS than Android or vice versa, please let us know down in the comments below.

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