7-year-old swallows AirPod, rushed to hospital

7-year-old swallows AirPod, rushed to hospital
Apple's AirPods sounded like the perfect Christmas gift for a 7-year-old Georgia boy until the youngster accidentally swallowed one and his mom had to rush him to an emergency room.

Kiara Stroud, the mother of the 7-year old, says she never imagined the AirPods would end up in her son's stomach and now wants to warn mothers about the dangers of such a gift to someone of such young age.

"He said he was holding it in his mouth by the long part," Stroud said.

Over at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston, doctors were confused about the situation, but an X-Ray image detected the metal parts in the AirPod and confirmed that the kid had indeed swallowed the gadget.

The mother recounts the emergency room visit: ‘An AirPod? You know, it’s really unique. I never really heard of this,’ she remembers the doctor saying, adding that the doctor was flabbergasted having never seen anything like this.

The big worry the kid had was how was it going to come out, but doctors reassured the family that the AirPod would pass on its own eventually.

The mother also recounts here 7-year-old saying: 'Mom I don't want my phone, (another Christmas gift) I don't wanna be near my phone, I don't want it to connect to my phone and start playing music.'

 So there you have it, AirPods as awesome as they are might be dangerous in the hands of kids of that age.

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