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7 of the best iPhone 6s bumper cases you can get from Amazon

7 of the best iPhone 6s bumper cases you can get from Amazon
We’ve rounded up the best iPhone 6s bumper cases currently available for purchase on Amazon in the US!

Some of our readers have probably already skipped to the first item on our list and are now glazing through the photos. For the others, before getting to what we believe to be the best iPhone 6s bumper cases, let’s take the time to briefly go over the reasons why this type of cases is preferable to others. 

The iPhone 6s is a beautifully designed smartphone that comes with a sleek and class aluminum unibody. But while the iPhone 6s might be aesthetically pleasing, it’s not built to survive falls. As such, many users turn to cases to protect their premium phone against scratches and drops.
However, once you slide the iPhone 6s into a case (even the best of them), you’re kind of throwing that elegant design and that premium build underneath a blanket. Granted, there are some cases which beautifully complement the design of the iPhone 6s, but there’s still a notable downside in the added degree of bulk. 

This is where bumper cases come in. Instead of hiding the phone, bumper cases only protect the sides of the handset, which is the area where most impacts will occur. Furthermore, most of the best iPhone 6s bumpers also come with a protruding ‘lip’ that provides protection when the phone is placed (or when it falls) on flat surfaces.

Mota Bumper


  • Clever, unique design
  • Doubles as a stand


  • Minimal drop protection
  • Corners may come off

If you really want to let the design of the iPhone 6s shine through while still protecting the phone against scratches and scuffs, the Mota Bumper is the perfect fit for the job.

Instead of covering the sides of the phone, which is what most bumpers do, the Mota Bumper only protects the corners of the phone through four corner pieces. These four rubbery corners are applied to the screen using non-sticking adhesive.

The corners ensure that the body of the phone doesn’t hit the surface when dropped. As a bonus, the corners can be used to make the phone sit upright or in landscape mode, meaning that the Mota Bumper also doubles as a minimalistic stand.

Elago S6 Bumper Case


  • Simple design
  • Cheap


  • Minimal drop protection
  • Buttons are hard to press
  • Only fits Apple’s own accessories

Elago might not have the brand image that Spiegen, UAG, or OtterBox enjoy, but this lesser-known company makes an affordable bumper for the iPhone 6S that’s worth considering. 

Currently going for $8.99, the Elago S6 Bumper Case for the iPhone 6s ticks many of the right boxes: it provides a minimalistic design, features raised lips that protect the display and the back of the phone when placed on flat surfaces, and comes with cutaways that allow access to the ports. The build is a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate.

Unfortunately, however, it looks like Elago’s iPhone 6s bumper case is only compatible with Apple’s own chargers and headphones. Make sure to take that into consideration in case you’re relying on third-party accessories. Also, note that the buttons on the side are bit harder to press on EElago’s iPhone 6s bumper case compared to other cases mentioned here.

Ifcase Aluminum Bumper


  • Aluminum build
  • Slim and light


  • Slippery
  • Mute switch is hard to access

If you don’t want to tarnish the looks of the iPhone 6s by installing a plastic bumper, check out the Ifcase Aluminum Bumper, which is one of the best ways to protect your phone without adding too much bulk and still maintain the metallic feel of the phone. 

The outer layer of this bumper is made of aluminum but the inside is line with TPU. The durability of aluminum protects against scratches and scuffs, while the TPU cushion is there to absorb shock. 

As a bonus, the package also includes an ultra-thin screen protector that will ensure you still have enough of a lip left to protect the display when the phone is placed display-first on desks, tables, and counters. 

On the downside, there are some problems with accessing the mute switch while others may find that the Ifcase as a bit too slippery. 

RhinoShield CrashGuard


  • Great protection
  • Quality build
  • Color variety


  • Pricey
  • Wide and heavy

If you’re looking for more protection against drops but still don’t want to resort to a rugged case, check out the RhinoShield CrashGuard. Cool name aside, this iPhone 6s bumper is made out of a combination of soft and hard polycarbonate that offers better shock-absorbing properties than TPU alternatives. 

Available in 15 different colors from Amazon, the RhinoShield CrashGuard features a matte texture that allows for a better grip of the phone.
On the downside, this iPhone 6s bumper is both wider and heavier than any of our recommended alternatives. It’s also the second-most expensive product on this list. 

Luphie Aluminum Aircraft Stealth


  • Aluminum build
  • Futuristic design
  • Curved body helps with grip


  • Limited drop protection
  • Small lip offers little protection on flat surfaces

On to an iPhone 6s bumper with a more angular design, the Luphie Bumper Case for the iPhone 6s is built out of aircraft grade aluminum. Slide your phone into one of these bumpers and it will instantly transform into a phone that’s worthy of an appearance in any science fiction movie. 

The curved design of this bumper will certainly improve grip, although you should note that the Luphie iPhone 6s Bumper Case is not designed to offer advanced shock-absorption. Another downside is that its relatively smaller lip doesn’t offer too much protection against drops on flat surfaces.

Colorful beggar's choice: Costyle


  • Package contains 10 differently-colored bumpers
  • Ultra cheap


  • Poor build quality
  • Limited protection

If you only need a basic plastic bumper to protect the sides of your iPhone 6s, then Costyle has a rather intriguing offer. The company offers 10 basic, cheap bumpers at the price of $13.89. Each package comes with 10 differently-colored cases, meaning that you’ll always have the bumper that matches your shirt or shoes. 

If need be mentioned, these aren’t the best iPhone 6s bumpers on Amazon in terms of build. Users have been reporting button problems and various build issues. You definitely get what you pay for, but some iPhone 6s users might be willing to live with that. 
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