6 meme generator apps: create your custom humor straight from your phone

5 apps to make memes with
Ah, memes – the cultural phenomena that can probably be used to best describe leisure time spent on the Internet(s). The trend involves the constant repetition and recycling of images and figures of speech, usually used as punchlines for different jokes. Despite the fact that it is bound to be over-used by definition, a meme's lifespan can be quite long – some have endured for years, while others get popular fast and then go out in a blaze of glory.

So, with it being a regular way to communicate on forums, and a great way to share some internal jokes with friends, it only makes sense that more and more people will be looking for meme generators to plaster their own jokes on. But there's no need to go on the web to do that – there is a pretty simple way to make any meme you can think of right from your phone. All you need is an app or two, or five!

Admittedly, most meme-making apps are hardly the best piece of software you will find on the Internet. However, this doesn't really take away much from the experience – in an odd way, a shoddy-looking app complements the shoddy-looking drawings that are so inexplicably popular. All you need to do is find the apps that are mostly stable, and are not brim-filled with ads. We took our time and tested a bunch of them — here's a list of a few apps that should cover all your meme-creating needs!

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