5 games that show off the Metal-infused graphics mojo of iOS


Most iPhone owners probably don't know how much RAM and processing power goes into Apple's smartphone, but there's no way the tech-savvy types don't walk out impressed from seeing it pull off the latest and greatest 3D games with just a dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and whatever PowerVR GPU Apple shopped from Imagination Technologies. 

The dark side of optimization is, indeed, strong inside iOS, and the operating system's eighth version added the final icing on the cake - the Metal API. Metal provides a low overhead access to the graphic chip, letting developers execute low-level code to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the hardware. It also includes pre-compiled shaders that help artists enhance gaming scenes with spectacular effects. 

Unfortunately, only Apple's A7 and above-powered devices qualify for the goods, but Cupertino has to tempt you to upgrade somehow or it would end up out of business, right? Right! So, here are five awesome iOS games that show off the iPhone and iPad's gaming mojo to the best of their abilities!


Price: $3 | Download

Shadowmatic is an imaginative puzzle game in which you rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find the silhouettes in the shadows. In other words, this is a modern take on the Chinese art of shadow puppetry. It's a delightful combination of Metal-enhanced visuals and relaxing gameplay. The game features 10 rooms, each built with an unique concept, atmosphere, and music. Shadowmatic has been critically lauded for its beautiful simplicity and being an example of interactive art.

Space Marshals

Price: $3.99 | Download

Space Marshals is a sci-fi Wild West adventure in outer space! It's a top-down shooter where you star as space marshal Burton, who's embarked on a hunt for intergalactic fugitives that escaped after a devastating prison break. The game's tactical element lets gamers use the environment to their advantage, shielding themselves from attacks by taking cover, or tricking the enemies by flanking. A liberal selection of frag grenades, flash bangs, distractions, personal shields, proximity mines, and other arsenal lets you catch foes off-guard. Or for times where going in guns blazing is against common sense, equip disguises or silenced weapons and be real ninja-like.

Radiation Island

Price: $2.99 | Download

Radiation Island is a survival adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open world environment. Also, Radiation Island isn't Minecraft. Being stranded in an alternate reality, you are left to discover a new and mysterious world where you must use everything you find to survive. On your way to freedom, you will enter huge forests inhabited by dangerous wolves, bears and mountain lions. You'll investigate zombie-infested abandoned villages and old military compounds. You can also swim, but beware of the hungry crocs. Basically, everyone's out to get you, but the graphics are pretty!

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Price: free to play | Download

Mobile gamers hardly need an introduction to Modern Combat 5. The first-person shooter boasts state of the art graphics, customizable classes, a sizeable single player campaign that takes players from Tokio to Venice, actual multiplayer combat with leaderboards and rewards, ranking and experience points, and BIG GUNS.

Brothers in Arms® 3: Sons of War

Price: free to play | Download

If Modern Combat 5 is the Coca-Cola, BIA 3 is the Pepsi of mobile shooters! But unlike MC5, which is about, well, modern combat, BIA is deeply rooted in the agony of World War 2. What can we say, 20 century history does make for a blood-pumping shooter with gory kill-cams and experimental weapons pulled straight out of the Nazi war machine's vaults. In addition to legit single-player and multi-player WW2 shooting action, you'll get to experience awesome Metal-tinged graphics on newer iOS devices.

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