5 free time, date, and timezone conversion apps for Android


If your life makes you travel to distant places, schedule international calls over Skype and landline, or you are stationed away from relatives and must stay in touch while they live in a different time zone, you must be dealing with time conversion often. Whether your days are about dealing with questions the sort of "What's 9:00 AM PST in Greenwich Meridian Time +2?", or you simply have to make a one-off conversion for some occasion that's arising soon, we've got five Android apps that will do the trick.

You can use straightforward time zone converters to juxtapose two (or more) different time zones, crunch numbers in time zone calculators (if you have a head for math and feel like using it), or scroll a world map with the current time floating above each destination. 

Yep, time conversion on Android is a fun place to be at! So here's hoping that these apps will do a good enough job for you.

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