4GB RAM confirmed for both 2017 iPad Pro tablets

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Wondered how much RAM there is inside the new iPad Pros? Obviously, that's not the kind of information you'll get from Apple, because it doesn't discuss tablets and phones like it does computers. However, there are ways to establish the missing pieces in iOS devices' hardware spec sheets. One approach is GeekBench, the popular benchmark test which profiles phones and spills the beans on their hardware makeup.

The 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros were taken through GeekBench and came out as 4GB RAM devices. In combination with the A10X processor, the tablets represent probably the most powerful ARM-derived mobile hardware available to consumers today. Of course, there are 6 and even 8GB RAM phones making their way to the market, but none have quite the processing punch as Apple's latest chipset.

However, with a $329 iPad being able to satisfy the vast majority of people's needs, the iPad Pro's hardware might alone won't be enough to convince them to pay double that (or more) for a Pro tablet. There's a very real risk the iPad Pros will remain niche devices for creatives and professionals – especially in an economy less than enthusiastic about purchasing tablets.



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