Survey says: 44% of current U.S. iPhone owners plan to upgrade to a 5G iPhone 13 model

Survey says: 44% of current U.S. iPhone owners plan to upgrade to a 5G iPhone 13 model
Many analysts are expecting another big year for Apple with the iPhone 13 series. And a new survey conducted by SellCell (via 9to5Mac) reveals that 44% of current iPhone owners in the U.S. plan on upgrading to one of the new iPhone 13 models. Out of the four different options (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max), the iPhone 13 was the most popular model followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max (more precise data is below).

The survey, which was answered by 3,000 U.S. iPhone users age 18 and up, also revealed that of the new features expected to appear on some or all of the 2021 iPhone units, the 120Hz  variable refresh-rate display is the one that prospective buyers are most looking forward to. Not only will this feature update the display on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max 120 times each second.

Survey shows that iPhone users are planning to upgrade to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max

The ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate will deliver buttery smooth scrolling and enhanced animations. While this typically is a battery killer, using the Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) backplane will allow the refresh rate to be variable, saving battery life when static content like an email or text is on the screen. The LTPO backplane will also allow the iPhone 13 models to sport an always-on display.

Both the 120Hz refresh rate and the always-on screen were among the new features that survey respondents said were leaning them toward the purchase of a new 2021 iPhone; the former was at the top, cited by 22% of those answering the survey. The latter was third with 16% looking forward to the always-on display on the iPhone 13 series. Since both of these features rely on LTPO, the technology was selected by a combined 38% of the survey respondents as the main reason for upgrading to the new iPhone line.

The 120Hz refresh rate is the feature cited the most by survey respondents as their reason for upgrading

The second new feature that has iPhone owners drooling is one that isn't even expected to be available on an iPhone until next year. But that is jumping the gun obviously. What we can tell you is that based on the survey, 38% plan on purchasing the iPhone 13 with 31% saving up for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Pro is on the radar for 24% of  survey respondents, while the iPhone 13 mini is the choice for just 7% of those who answered the survey.

Those responses are in line with the poor consumer response to the iPhone 12 mini and Apple reportedly will not offer a mini model next year with the iPhone 14 line. Interestingly, 27% of iPhone users plan on buying the Apple Watch Series 7 while 13% say that they want to purchase the yet-to-be-announced AirPods 3.

The upcoming Series 7 Apple Watch will reportedly feature a new new display with thinner bezels, a faster S7 processor, improved wireless connectivity, and a new green color. Un fortunately, the timepiece is not yet ready to monitor the blood sugar readings of users. Possibly by next year, we will see this feature which will give insulin-dependent diabetics their blood sugar readings without having to prick themselves and place a drop of blood on an expensive test strip.

The readings are used by diabetics to determine how much insulin they need to inject. Considering that there are tens of millions of people in America alone that use insulin, making this feature available on a future Apple Watch is sure to hike demand for the timepiece. The device is already known for its lifesaving health features including fall detection which recently saved the life of a young man.

As for the AirPods 3, we could see a larger battery and a new and improved audio chip. We could see the new version of the wireless Bluetooth earbuds unveiled next month alongside the 2021 iPhone 13 series.

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