3,800 tickets handed out to motorists caught using their cell phone in New York City

3,800 tickets handed out to motorists caught using their cell phone in New York City
The Big Apple is home to millions of people who traverse the cramped confines of busy streets and intersections to direct their way towards their destination. There's always a test of will from point A to point B for motorists that seem to have a deep affinity with their mobile phones as they drive through the many roadways to their final location. The New York City Police Department was on another crackdown for spotting drivers caught using their handset while driving – impressively, they've managed to dish out over 3,800 tickets during as 24 hour period recently. Still considered a decent amount of summonses handed out to motorists, it still pales in comparison to the 7,500 they handed out back on January 21. The latest round of mass ticketing was part of a routine 24-hour dragnet that's designed to enforce the local laws surrounding chatting or texting while driving – which obviously could endanger not only pedestrians, but the passengers and drivers as well. Some people do learn from their mistakes while some regrettably just ignore it and continue with their bad habits. Still, that's going to sum up to a decent amount of cash with the sheer amount of tickets they were able to write up.

source: New York Post via Textually



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Thank God it failed in VA.

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