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$29 iPhone 4 Bumper cases are also a hot commodity?

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$29 iPhone 4 Bumper cases are also a hot commodity?
Mobile phone accessories are surely filled with plenty of margin for manufacturers to make them one profitable business – especially when there are big phone launches running around. It would be almost unheard of to not witness a bevy of top notch accessories be made available on day one of any product launch, but one specific case for the iPhone 4 looks to be in high demand. Just as we've seen pre-orders have taken Apple's next iPhone to new levels, the same could be gathered from their $29 iPhone 4 Bumper cases. These stringy looking cases that only protect the outer area of the iPhone 4 are seeing their shipment dates be pushed back on Apple's web site. As it stands right now, the pink, white, orange, and blue colors are listed with July 2nd ship dates while the green one won't be shipped until July 16th. However, the black ones will be available and ready to hit shipment come launch day. Although these dates may show what kind of demand they're getting, it truly doesn't indicate sales figures. In addition, it could be also that Apple didn't have enough units in time for launch day. Still, it makes you really wonder if these cases are worth $29 – apparently they are; for a good amount of people.

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source: Apple via TUAW


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