2009's Geek of the Year says he's never used the iPhone

2009's Geek of the Year says he's never used the iPhone
Just the other day, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein was named the 2009 Geek of the Year by Fast Company. So it is pretty strange to hear him say that he has never used an iPhone. In a sit down interview with Kara Swisher at CES, the following exchange took place: Rubinstein: "We don’t pay that much attention to Apple….I know it sounds really strange"  Swisher: "Really? You don’t worry about the iPhone?"  Rubinstein: "No, I really don’t"

Swisher: "I don’t believe you"  Rubinstein: "I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never even used one." Considering the fact that Rubinstein was the person most responsible for developing Apple's iPod, that is a statement that many would find very hard to believe. As for Palm not really paying attention to Apple, it would be very unusual for a company not to keep close tabs on what its main competitor is doing. Could you imagine Pepsi not wanting to know what Coke is up to? Rubinstein could be saying that nothing of interest to him has been produced by the gang at Cupertino since his departure. Most likely he is just trying to get Apple's (and Steve Jobs in particular) goat.

source: Mashable


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