20% of Android Market apps can grab your private data

20% of Android Market apps can grab your private data
One negative thing about an open system like Android is that personal data doesn't get the same level of protection seen on closed systems. For example, A report by SMobile Systems called "Threat Analysis of the Android Market" claims that 20% of the apps in the Market can open up your private data to theft. Looking at 48,694 apps, 29 of them request info from the user that most spyware can use. 8 applications ask for information that can brick your device or make it unusable. 383 downloads could read authentication info from another app and 3% of the Market can be used to send premium priced SMS messages without you knowing about it which also means, without your permission. As the report says, "The Android Market offers flexibility that markets such as the Apple App Store do not by allowing anyone to develop and publish an application to the Market's consumers. This presents the opportunity to easily defraud innocent consumers for financial gain." In other words, to offer an open system, there are some risks you must be prepared to take.

source: SMobileSystems via ReadWriteWeb


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