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13 year old Saudi girl sentenced to 90 lashes for bringing cell phone to school

13 year old Saudi girl sentenced to 90 lashes for bringing cell phone to school
Getting caught in school with a cell phone would probably land you some time in detention after school – at the worse; an indefinite amount of suspension. Unfortunately for a 13 year old Saudi school girl, she’s getting more than losing her phone or suspension from school. The unnamed girl was sentenced to two months in jail after being administered 90 lashes inside her school. She apparently assaulted her headmistress after being caught with the phone – which is banned by the school. Although we may think of this act as being a bit extreme, under Saudi’s Sharia or Islamic law, flogging is mandatory for a variety of moral offenses such as adultery and other minor things. Sure this form of punishment may seem a bit harsh to us, but it actually gets worse for those who are caught stealing or robbing. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy controlled by the Al-Saud ruling tribes and lacks any legal code. Although social reforms have been promoted by King Abdullah since 2005, diplomats say he is held back by religious clerics and princes.

via The Daily Mail


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