11-year long study found “no evidence” of cell phone-related adverse health effects

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An 11-year long UK study, encompassing31 research projects worth $22.4 million (£13.6 million), produced areport which concludes that cell phone usage has no reported healtheffects, busting decades-old myths about wireless signals making ussick. The 60-page long report describes it hasfound “no evidence” that exposure to mobile network emissionsduring pregnancy increases the risk of developing cancer in earlychildhood, or that use of mobile phones can result in risk ofleukemia.

We couldn't find anythingabout our favorite myth of all, which said that cell phonessitting in our pockets basically microwaved our private parts.However, we're now led to believe that they are safe from invisible harmas well.

Still, the report doesn't explicitlystate that mobile users are entirely safe. The report ends byrecommending further studying of possible impacts of mobile phoneusage on kids, as well as potential adverse reflections on sleep andbrain function. Thus, the research will continue with anotherlong-term study, investigating whether there are any delayed adverseeffects of mobile phone usage, which could become apparent only afteryears.

For the scientifically-inclined, thefull report is available in the links below.

source: MobileTelecommunications and Health Research Programme Report 2012 viaISPReview

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