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10 great apps for drinkers, 10 bad apps for drivers

Posted: , posted by Ray S.

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10 great apps for drinkers, 10 bad apps for drivers
From the dawn of time, there's been one activity that has been drawing people together more than anything else - love. Haha, just kidding - of course it's drinking! And to those who are ready to disagree, we want to say: Where was love when you wanted to share your feelings with the one you loved? Oh, right, it wasn't there, but good old drinking was, and gave you the strength to do so! Where was love when you had a fight with your best friend? Gone! It was good old drinking that made you close once again. So don't give us any of that "love will save the world" stuff, 'cause we don't want to hear it! If there's one thing that can save this world, it's booze.

So, now that we've made our point, let us present you 10 beautiful apps for all of us happy drinkers, as well as 10 very, very bad apps for responsible drivers... Have fun!

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