Tim Cook says Vision Pro headsets purchased by half of Fortune 100 companies

Tim Cook says Vision Pro headsets purchased by half of Fortune 100 companies
In Apple’s Q2 earnings call yesterday, CEO Tim Cook revealed that half of the Fortune 100 companies had purchased at least one Vision Pro headset. However, he neglected to mention sales figures of the Vision Pro.

In case you’re unaware, Fortune 100 companies are the top 100 companies in the United States ranked by revenue. The fact that the biggest American companies are experimenting with the Vision Pro could mean really good things for Apple. If these companies take a liking to it.

Recent reports paint an unpromising outlook for the Apple Vision Pro. It appears Apple is struggling to meet sales forecasts and has slowed down production. There’s also reports of a change to Apple’s HMD (head-mounted display) roadmap: with a potential successor to the Vision Pro possibly having been delayed.

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It’s a pretty cool device but it lacks use cases to justify the price.

Apple markets its headset as a productivity machine first and foremost. Something the former Head of Oculus thinks is a mistake, calling the Vision Pro an over-engineered devkit. Half of the Fortune 100 companies purchasing a Vision Pro would seem to indicate otherwise if Cook hadn’t hidden the sales figures, in my opinion.

What it seems like to me is that most of these companies only bought one, or at most a handful, of headsets. They don’t have any budget constraints obviously. So this is merely a test to see how the Vision Pro performs. Whether it actually boosts productivity at these companies.

The Vision Pro, in its current state, lacks use cases that would compel most consumers to buy one. If it takes off in the enterprise world we could maybe hope for a cheaper Vision Pro one day aimed at the average consumer.

And if not, well, we’ve got many other great VR headsets to keep us company.
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