Did Rokid copy the Vision Pro with its new AR headset and is that a good thing for you?

Rokid took notes from the Vision Pro and its new AR glasses look really impressive
The Vision Pro is a big deal and that’s mostly because of the AR capabilities that Apple showcased. Sure, the headset will probably land among the best VR headsets on the market, but it’s the strides that the Big A has managed to achieve in AR that make it worth it.

I mean, come on, putting on a headset and having access to a full work setup is just bliss!

That being said though, most of the AR market isn’t anywhere near that feature set. In fact, most users will be lucky if AR passthrough is even tangible, let alone something that you can actually utilize in order to create an AR workspace.

Rokid has several models of headsets that claim that they can do that, but the way that they are executed makes me more likely to call them portable monitors than anything close to what the Vision Pro is doing.

Well, until now at least, because the company’s latest AR glasses seem quite inspired from Apple’s homework.

So, you saw it in the header and you also see it in the image above: this is YadaOS and it does seem nice and clean. And somewhat inspired by the Vision Pro, especially when we take into consideration the very specific gesture on display, namely: a pinch.

This operating system runs on the Rokid AR Studio, which is a new bundle that the company is offering. It's essentially a combo of the Rokid Max Pro AR glasses and a Rokid Station Pro, which is a computing module that allows for all the magic to happen.

Here’s some specs for the Max Pro too:

  • 1080p displays
  • 90Hz to 120Hz variable refresh rate
  • 600 nits of brightness
  • 50° FOV
  • Depth and motion-tracking camera
  • Capable of creating a 215” TV viewed from 6 meters
  • Head tracking
  • Hand tracking
  • Detection of nearby objects

Now, to what extent the last happens and if it is in a way which allows users to arrange a personal workspace: too early to say.

And as to the Station Pro module that is part of the package:

  • Powered by the Snapdragon XR2+Gen 1
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 128GB of Storage
  • Cooling fan (so the unit may be noisy)

Which is about on par with Meta’s Quest Pro headset.

Now, given that the obvious focus here is AR, pass-through is key and Rokid is saying that it’s “good with sharp graphics”. How much of that is true, we’ll be able to see when the product launches, which will first happen in China and then in other regions too, in the coming months. 
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