Improved Vision Pro 2 could be here in 18 months

Improved Vision Pro 2 could be here in 18 months
Recently we told you about several Vision Pro buyers who decided to return their spatial computer to Apple. Almost every comment made on social media by these people followed the same order. First, the technology was praised with the buyer saying that he/she had never seen anything like Vision Pro. Next, the device owner explained what physical ailments he/she suffered wearing the headset, and mentioned other reasons why the pricey device is being sent back to its maker.

Each social media post usually ended with the Vision Pro owner explaining that he/she was eager for the next generation of the headset to arrive so he/she could buy one. According to a new rumor, the second generation of the Vision Pro could be 18 months away. That is the time frame mentioned by Bloomberg's star of print, podcasts, and television, Mark Gurman. In the latest edition of his weekly "Power On" newsletter which was released on Sunday, Gurman writes that Apple "is probably at least 18 months away from launching a second-generation Vision Pro."

Those who expect the Vision Pro to show important improvements with the next-generation headset point out that the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch had issues that had to be taken care of between the first and second-gen models. The iPhone, for example, needed to replace AT&T's slow-as-molasses EDGE 2.5G service with 3G. The recessed earphone port needed to be corrected and future models had to add video, cut and paste, and other features.

The second-gen Vision Pro headset should lose some weight and increase the two-and-a-half hours of battery life offered by the battery pack that comes with the OG model. The EyeSight feature that allows people to look at the eyes of the headset wearer to show that he/she is still connected to them needs to be improved. In December, a report said that the Vision Pro 2 will use Samsung's brighter RGB OLEDoS displays. A Samsung unit, recently acquired by the company, is currently producing these panels for the military only. Hopefully, these panels will limit glare and reduce the eyestrain that some users feel when using the spatial computer.

Other improvements needed include the development of more apps and video content, the ability of Vision Pro to make workers more productive, and add a way to allow users to share the Vision Pro with others; this can't be done now because of how the headsets have to have a precise fit to prevent light leaks.

The second-gen Vision Pro will hopefully be available at a lower price than the $3,499 and up that buyers shelled out for the first model. Apple will take a look at the returned units and the reasons for their return and look to do better next time. When will that be? We could see the Vision Pro 2 get introduced during WWDC 2025 or 2026.
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