The Meta Quest Pro is finally visible on Steam’s VR stats, but will you be shocked by the number?

The Meta Quest Pro is finally visible on Steam’s VR stats, but will you be shocked by the number?
It may feel like there’s a lot of XR headsets around, but very few of them are actually capable of climbing the ranks of the best VR headsets on the market. Not only that, but even fewer stick around and become blessed by user feedback.

Because, after all, a VR headset is a consumer tech product and as such, when not actively in the hands of consumers, its utility becomes questionable at best. After all, this is also why the Vision Pro has so many users worried, but it’s too early to say anything about Apple’s headset as of now.

Unfortunately, I can provide an example for this with Meta’s Quest Pro headset. For the first “Pro” model in Meta’s series, it was said to be expensive ($1,500 upon release), heavy and uncomfortable.

And it took almost a full year for the headset to become visible on Steam’s VR charts.

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So, for the record: the Quest Pro came out on October 25, 2022 at the cost of $1,500. Now, that may seem way lower than the Vision Pro’s alleged $3,500 price tag, but let’s not forget:

  1. The Vision Pro isn’t really an entertainment device (even if it can do that too)
  2. The Quest 2 was not that far behind the Pro and it cost only $299.99

And let’s make something clear: I didn’t introduce this background check to you for any other reason but to highlight why the Quest Pro’s presence on Steam’s chart is only at 0,39%.

That’s right: less than 1%. Meanwhile, Quest 2 is the king of the leaderboard with almost 42%.

So, with that being the case, why has the Meta Quest Pro appeared now on the charts? Well, around the start of august, the headset did see some discounts here and there, so that may be it. But beyond that? It’s one of those random occurrences that can’t really be explained with certainty.

So, this is basically just an honorary achievement for the Quest Pro: it appeared in the list. Does it mean anything? Probably not, even though it would be cool to see those numbers begin to rise. Odd, but cool.

Then again, with the Quest 2 being so affordable and the Quest 3 being just around the corner, does that really seem like a possibility? You tell us.
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