The Quest 3 gets a price adjustment just before its official launch, but not in the US

The Quest 3 gets a price adjustment just before its official launch, but not in the US
Well, would you look at that? A contender for the “best VR headsets” list is about to enter the ring tomorrow! That’s right, the Meta Connect event of 2023 is right around the corner and you know what that means: the Meta Quest 3 will be unveiled in its full glory.

The next XR headset from Meta will still be an entertainment-focused device, but this time a bit more powerful and capable. We’re expecting improved AR capabilities and, of course: better visual fidelity and picture quality.

But what about the price? While not exactly a major upgrade, the Quest 3 is still an improvement over the Quest 2, all the while steering clear from the “Pro” moniker. Since the Connect event is still upcoming, we can’t talk about hard prices, but we have seen reports of pre-order price fluctuations.

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So! The Quest 2 is likely to remain one of the most easily accessible VR headsets, not only due to its price — which is now discounted, thanks to the upcoming Quest 3 — but also because it’s aimed at consumers.

And while that last bit is absolutely true about the Quest 3 too, the price has gone up a bit. But the thing is that it has sort of gone down by a bit after that also. Here’s a list of changes so that can start making sense:

Now, all of these are for the base model with 128GB of storage:

  • In Germany, France and Italy: from €569.99 to €549.99
  • In the UK: £499.99 to £479.99

But nothing has changed in the US and the official website still has the price set at $499.99.

And just for the record, the Quest 2 launched for $299, but a 128GB configuration wasn’t available back then, and when it was introduced, it practically replaced the base 64GB version for the same price.

So… Ouch? Or will Meta reduce the price in the US too? Well, that would start to mean something only after the headset is completely unveiled and we find out all of the features that it offers. Until then, keep in mind that the ~$20 difference could be due to numerous things, bound to the legislation in the territories in question.

And make sure to watch the Meta Connect event, if you are hyped about the Quest 3’s upcoming launch tomorrow!
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