Marvel’s upcoming Apple Vision Pro game gets an official trailer and release date

Marvel’s upcoming Apple Vision Pro game gets an official trailer and release date
Marvel recently announced that it was making an exclusive Mixed Reality experience for the Apple Vision Pro. It’s going to be an hour-long “interactive story” inspired by Marvel’s TV show ‘What If…?’.

‘What If…?’ explored different ways certain events could have played out in the Marvel universe. Vision Pro’s Marvel exclusive is going to be based on the same concept according to the new trailer that has recently been released.

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We’ll see plenty of familiar faces in ‘What If…? — An Immersive Story’.

The plot seems to center around you being called in by “the Watcher” to help fight against multidimensional threats. And to assist you in doing so, you’ll be accompanied by none other than the lovable Wong from Dr. Strange.

‘What If…? — An Immersive Story’ will take place in both Virtual Reality as well as Mixed Reality. So while you’ll see plenty of cool places, you’ll also see the Marvel universe merge with your real life environment.

Of course, being a Vision Pro exclusive, not many people will get to experience ‘What If…? — An Immersive Story’. We recently saw reports that Vision Pro production had been slowed down due to poor sales. And even the most diehard Marvel fans are unlikely to spend $3,499 on a Vision Pro for an hour-long game.

This only makes me hope even more that reports of a Vision Pro 2 are accurate. If these reports are to be believed, the successor to the Vision Pro will be less than half the price. Until then, ‘What If…? — An Immersive Story’ is only going to be played by a handful of people, I think.

The game launches on May 30. So if you’re one of those unicorns who’s a Marvel fan and owns a Vision Pro, you’ve got something to look forward to later this month. The rest of us will probably stick with other, more accessible, VR games.
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