Hilarious clip shows what happens when a Vision Pro headset is exchanged for a pair of ski goggles

Hilarious clip shows what happens when a Vision Pro headset is exchanged for a pair of ski goggles
Many people have compared the aesthetics of the AppleVision Pro spatial computer to that of a pair of ski goggles. So the writers at the Jimmy Kimmel show had a great idea. They invited Kimmel's gullible Cousin Micki to test the $3,499 Vision Pro and swap the headset for an unconnected pair of $30 ski goggles at the last second. That was the easy part. Since Cousin Mickey never used the real Vision Pro, she was easily fooled by the fake Siri voice she was told to interact with. The gag starts at the 10:36 mark of the video.

When Cousin Micki first donned the ski goggles, "Siri" told her to move her head to the left and then to the right to calibrate the device. We've seen those wearing the real Vision Pro see a digital butterfly appear on their displays including influencer Casey Neistat who watched a digital butterfly land on a very real donut he was eating at a Times Square Krispy Kreme.

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To trick Cousin Micki, a member of the Kimmel crew told her to say "Apple, please butterflies." Crew members dangled in front of her a stick with fake butterflies attached to it by string. Micki was completely duped and said, "Now I like this" as she reached out to touch the butterflies which looked real to her. Siri prompted her to say "Applesauce" to end the program.

Siri then asks Micki if she wants to open a "video window" and after saying "Apple, please, puppy," the crew places a video monitor in front of her showing a video of puppies playing. She is told to wave her hands to move the video and the crew simply moves the video monitor back and forth matching the movements of her hands. Next, she tells Siri to start a Dance Party, and a crew member wearing an animal costume steps in front of her and starts dancing.

While dancing with a very real costumed human, Micki has an epiphany. "You know what's nice about this," she says, "If you live alone and just want to hang out with someone and you can't at that moment, you can just kind of like create a whole world." The gag continues as Micki blows out virtual candles. "I don't know what this is but Apple knows what it's doing," she says.

A crew member asks Micki, "At what point did you realize that you were wearing ski goggles?" and her response is hilarious. Probably everyone knows someone in their life like Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Micki who would fall for a similar gag.
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