Finally – here comes a mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest users – Logitech MX Ink

Finally – here comes a mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest users – Logitech MX Ink
Logitech has announced a stylus for Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 users, that's coming this September. We're yet to find out how much the mixed reality "Logitech MX Ink stylus" will cost, but for reference, a traditional, professional-grade tablet stylus, such as the Apple Pencil Pro can go for around $129.

To be fair, this is no traditional stylus, and we can reasonably expect a higher, if not much higher price, as it will need to have spatial tracking technology built-in, in order to allow Quest users to literally draw in-air.

While Meta Quest users have a lot of Quest accessories to choose from, this would be a first when it comes to stylus pens, so any artists or AR/VR hobbyists interested in exploring their artistic side in a whole new way – get excited!

What can you do with a mixed reality stylus, such as the upcoming Logitech MX Ink?

If you've ever tinkered with drawing apps on the Quest, you probably get the idea – but instead of your controllers, you'll hold up a stylus and draw either in mid-air, on physical surfaces, or on virtual panes, as big as you want them to be.

Logitech also advertises its MR stylus for 3D sculpting, which I'm particularly hyped about, as it could be a gamechanger for a lot of professional 3D modelers, in addition to hobbyists.

While this is quite an exciting, new way to draw, it'll obviously be difficult too, as you'll be dealing with three dimensions, as opposed to the two you may have experienced drawing on paper or a tablet.

When it comes to (the lack of) physical feedback, the Logitech MX Ink stylus will actually sport a haptic feedback motor, not unlike the new Apple Pencil Pro, which will surely help sell you on the illusion that you're drawing on an actual surface.

As Logitech puts it, this mixed reality stylus is pretty much equipped for the task at hand:

Logitech MX Ink stylus specs

It's worth mentioning that Logitech is a very respected brand when it comes to professional PC and gaming accessories, with the company's MX Master series of mice coming to mind as most notable.

So I'm very optimistic, and as an AR/VR enthusiast and self-admitted Quest fanboy, I'm looking forward to trying this stylus pen out, as I'm sure many of you are.

Stay tuned for updates. September is far from close, so we can expect more news of this stylus, and possibly similar Quest accessory announcements from other brands, soon enough.
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