Apple AirPods Studio release date, price, features, and news

We have been hearing that Apple intends to expand its earphone portfolio by introducing the so-called AirPods Studio — a pair of over-ear headphones that will rival market leaders like Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser. What does Apple have up its sleeve that will differentiate its over-ears from its competitors? Here's everything we know so far:

Apple AirPods Studio release date

Supposedly, the AirPods Studio could "drop at any moment". Some leaks say it may happen in the Summer of 2020, but Apple could also decide to take its time and introduce them alongside the iPhone 12 in early Fall. In any case, reports claim that the production line for the new Apple headphones is already sorted out, with orders split between Apple's Chinese manufacturing partners as well as new partners based in Vietnam.

Apple AirPods Studio price

We've heard a few leaks by now, reaffirming the same price tag — $350. This is up there in price when it comes to spending for a headset, but the AirPods Studio will supposedly be worth it, with a premium sound quality, active cancellation, and a custom EQ that you'd be able to unlock if you pair them to a Mac or iDevice. $350 - $400 is also the range where competing earphones by manufacturers like Sony and Bose lie, so that makes a lot of sense. Apple will, reportedly, sell extra accessories for the AirPods Studio, which may get customers to spend more on their set of earphones in the long run. More on that later.

Apple AirPods Studio design

We haven't seen anything realiable leak just yet. Reports say the earphones will have a classic design with oval-shaped cans and a metal frame holding them. The interesting part here is that you will be able to exchange the headband and earpads — reportedly, the AirPods Studio will have magnets lined along its frame and earcup, allowing you to snap different bands and pads on and off with ease.

Early reports state that said accessories will come in two different variants — leather, for a more premium look and feel; and a light, breathable material, which you'd be able to snap on when taking the AirPods Studio for a workout session. Supposedly, both variants will come in different colors as well.

Apple AirPods Studio features

Naturally, we expect Siri to be fully integrated with the new AirPods Studio, ready to help with the tap of a button or just a voice command. However, the new Apple headphones will also have some interesting features like orientation detection.

Supposedly, the AirPods Studio is going to be a completely symmetrical headset, which you can put on your head however you desire. It will then detect the orientation automatically and play the left and right channels accordingly. This sounds like a very Apple thing to do and we'd say this rumor is very plausible.

The earphones will allegedly also be able to detect when they are hanging around your neck, so they'd smartly pause your content and keep it ready to resume as soon as you put them back on.

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