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  • Sony Xperia E1 could be launched in the first half of March

Sony Xperia E1 could be launched in the first half of March

Posted: , by Florin T.


Sony Xperia E1 could be launched in the first half of March
Sony’s newest affordable Android smartphone, the Xperia E1, might be available in Europe as soon as March 10. That’s the date when Amazon UK expects to have the handset in stock. Until then, the retailer is taking pre-orders for the E1, asking $248 (£149.99 in British currency) for it. The handset is cheaper at Clove UK (£134.99), but there’s no estimated delivery date in this case.

Amazon Germany is also listing the Xperia E1, saying that its singe SIM version costs $190 (€139), while the dual SIM model is a bit more expensive: $204 (€149).

Measuring 118 x 62.4 x 12 mm, the Xperia E1 is pretty chunky - some of today’s smartphones are two times thinner. Of course, the E1 wasn’t made to be thin, but to be affordable while having a pleasant design and decent features. The handset runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and offers: a 4-inch WVGA (480 x 800) display, HSDPA, a 100 dB loudspeaker, 3.2MP rear camera, dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory, MicroSD card support, and a 1,750 mAh battery.

At the moment we don’t know if Sony is planning to release the Xperia E1 in North America. But we’ll let you know if we find out.

Sony Xperia E1 could be launched in the first half of March

sources: Amazon UK, Clove, Amazon Germany via XperiaBlog

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posted on 28 Jan 2014, 10:05 1

1. apple4never (Posts: 934; Member since: 08 May 2013)

um, sony what the hell were you thinking, in what aspect would someone choose this over the moto g?

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 10:26 6

4. ArtSim98 (Posts: 2528; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

That's why it's not launching in USA. Motorola isn't that big in Europe for example.

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 13:35 1

6. nokia12 (Posts: 313; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

before people start bashing up Sony realise this that prices in Germany are abnormally higher.. this phone has a 190$ price in Germany it is good.. meaning it will be sold for 130$ in other countries

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 10:12 3

2. Martin_Cooper (Posts: 395; Member since: 30 Jul 2013)

Go home SONY, you are obviously drunk. Moto G > E1

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 10:21 1

3. boosook (Posts: 950; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

Design is very nice, but the price isn't... the Moto G costs EUR169 and the Xperia M costs, now, EUR160 and those prices will be even lower in march, especially the xperia M's one.
The right price would be 120, maybe even lower.

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 13:31 1

5. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 945; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

What no LED flash? Sony is sure is drunk...lol

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 14:21 1

7. Liveitup (Posts: 1099; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

That music hub bears an uncanny resemblance to the WP music hub.

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 18:33 1

8. Cesar (Posts: 127; Member since: 16 Aug 2012)

What a piece of shi*** Wasting material for this...

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 18:43

9. Mube007 (Posts: 91; Member since: 24 Sep 2013)

Very costly price should be around 130 dollars

posted on 28 Jan 2014, 23:24

10. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 945; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

more like $99.69.

posted on 03 Mar 2014, 22:41

11. Zhephyr (Posts: 23; Member since: 24 Feb 2014)

I Wish sony could make another one probably name Xperia E2.But don't change the size .I like to suggest adding a decent front facing camera, Upgrade n rear camera to 5 or 8 megapixel and add LED flash also upgrade the RAM to atleast 1G.

I think it will make the phone better.A decent mid tier that will cater to music lover and people that don't like 5 inch phone. I thought M2 would be like this but they change the size.
I see this market share for an affordable and compact phones, phones that will cater to people that cant afford the xperia Z1 compact.

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