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Obama campaign finds success in SMS fundraising

Posted: , by Charlene S.


Obama campaign finds success in SMS fundraising
Love him or hate him, one of the indisputable successes of the 44th President of the United States is his use of social networking and mobile media platforms. In his journey to the Whitehouse a few years ago, Barack Obama used MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter to drum up millions of supports from key demographics that most politicians have trouble reaching.

Now as the President’s team looks to raise money for his re-election campaign, they turn to mobile technology to make fundraising fast, convenient, and effective. Using the same technique that was used to raise money for relief in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, the Obama campaign sent out a text message on Wednesday to tens of thousands of previous donors.

The message read: “Support Pres Obama in less than a minute. Using our new secure system: just reply with the amount you want to give and we’ll charge your saved credit card.”

Those that wanted to participate simply had to reply back with the number of dollars they wished to send and their saved credit card was charged with the donation. An individual close to the campaign said the response rate was more than 20 times greater than any text message solicitation the Obama campaign has previously sent out.

Based on the success of this campaign, we expect to see more politicians leveraging their campaigns with mobile technology. As for Obama, who knows what his team is cooking up? A few days ago he signed up for Pinterest, so we’re guessing that the campaign team will be pulling out all the stops this year. Honestly though, we hope to see less presidential dessert recipes and more integration of phones and technology.

source: TIME

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posted on 31 Mar 2012, 14:23

1. ZEUS.the.thunder.god (unregistered)

well executed..

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 15:14

2. drahmad (Posts: 480; Member since: 20 Aug 2011)

i have just edited my comment because truth hurts

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 16:06 4

3. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

hopefully thats the only thing he finds success this year.

Here's to starting 2013.. with a different president! woot! freaking socialist scum

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 20:58 8

5. thnkthru3 (Posts: 73; Member since: 25 Dec 2011)

Remix....I respect your technical savvy but your politics are f****n ugly! Politically you don"t know what your talking about.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 04:10 1

8. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

not agreeing with me and not knowing what I'm talking about are completely different things. If you dont think I know what I'm talking about than I encourage you to converse with me with facts from nonpartisan sources and prove me wrong.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 00:10 2

33. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

That would be a waist of time. Some people get the facts and still choose to be blind. I agree withThnkthru3 about you being tech savvy. Everybody have their opinions about politics and with that, lets agree to disagree.

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 22:31 4

6. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Remix....I often disagree with your technical savvy but your politics are f****n GREAT! Politically you know exactly what you're talking about.

...and that's the memo.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 07:53 4

9. greathero1 (Posts: 559; Member since: 13 Jun 2008)

Too bad you are really going to be pissed off come Jan because considering the alternatives, he's damn near guaranteed another term lol. Have you seen the competition? Romney lol? Sanatorium lol? Gingrich even bigger lol? It should have been Paul.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:32

43. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

I would have loved to vote Ron Paul

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 10:50 3

11. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

What's funny is that your politics clash with your Apple hatred. Apple is the pinnacle of capitalist success, but you want them regulated (socialism). You also complain Apple is greedy and have over priced products. Again that's what capitalism is based on. Making money. Oh the irony.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 15:49

16. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

when did i ever say regulate apple, taco? I want them to have some corporate responsibly and to do things better, but never ever once did I say the government should step in and tell them what to do.
If your going to continue to obsessively attack me, at least have enough brain cells to back it up with something.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 10:45

52. jamrockjones (Posts: 345; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

I agree! President Obama was a bad idea.

posted on 31 Mar 2012, 16:14 3

4. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

I knew this was going to get ugly!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 00:14 1

35. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

Agreed! :-D

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 01:29 3

7. Borrie69 (Posts: 22; Member since: 14 Jan 2012)

I am with you on that one Remix. Obama's time in has been a horrible/turbulent time for the USA as a whole. He supports unconstitutional laws, passes a plan that got rejected, and just a horrible president in general. The military was tough but it flourished under the Bush time, under the Obama time the USN,USAF,USA and USM all started shrinking thus leaving US open for any and all attacks. He policies are whack and we are slowly becoming like China under him. He isn't really even american, freaking socialist cunt

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 12:22 2

12. Phoenix83 (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Our military is still tough. And we were attacked during Bush's time, and have yet to be attacked during Obama's time. The PATRIOT ACT was just as unconstitutional as NDAA and that was passed during Bush's time. He is American, and you are a bitch. A little, whiny, crying, bitch. Waah Waaah WAaaaaaah.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 13:01 3

13. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Yeah, we were attacked during his first 6 months, come on dude, be serious, nothing happened on our soil for the 8 years. A lot happened somewhere else and they've made mistakes.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 14:24 1

14. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Its possible we would have never been attacked if someone had read their security reports like they were supposed to.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 14:52 2

15. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

If you only knew what kind of security reports all Presidents get to see you would declare war to Switzerland. Clinton many years before had security reports about Bin Laden being a serious threat to US and yet nobody moved a finger, because they had to filter the crap from the truth, just an example. Do you know how many years of testing and training it took to organize 9/11? Have you an idea of how many flights they took to observe our airports weaknesses?

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 15:54 2

17. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

oh, you mean how Osama was arrested and offered to clinton 3 times during his presidency for the bombing of the USS Cole and other terrorist acts, and clinton refused to touch him because it was a political hot spot? It was clinton that put his personal glory above US security, not Bush.

And phoenix, you can thank bush for the fact that we havent been attacked again. If we hadnt gone off and chased them back to their foxholes and commenced blowing them out of there, we would have been attacked many times. They never stopped trying, they just had to divert resources back home. And we caught them every time they tried since. Thanks to guantanimo and waterboarding the terrorists for information. Clinton refused to act, and neither would Obama. It was Bush era info that lead the military to Osama's hideout, it was only luck for Obama that he was 100% found during his presidency and got to pull the trigger.

The only thing that americans overwhelmingly thing positive for obama about is killing Osama. And if it wasnt for Bush's decisions the military would have never been there to find him. Bush was no angel, but military wise he was leagues ahead of Obama.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 16:43 1

18. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

No, I mean the report that said "Terrorist plan to attack using airplanes". That's the one I was referring to. Bush didn't keep anyone safe, and it's funny how anything that good that happens under Bush, you give him full credit for but when something bad happens under Bush you blame Obama. And it's just the opposite for Obama. Bad economy that started under Bush is Obamas fault but Osama is caught and shot in the face...oh that goes to Bush?

Democrats do a lot that makes me SMH, but the hipocrates on the right just keep me voting for them. All I see from Republicans are lies and hatred.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 16:56 2

20. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

that intel was gathered under clinton and passed to Bush... again, clinton wanted nothing to do with it. If clinton wouldnt have been such a spineless and self serving politician, Osama would have been locked away in the 90's and never heard from again. If you ask me if i think bush was kind of a moron, I'd say yes. But unlike the democrat before and after him, he isnt afraid to act. He got a lot of crap for not being afraid to act, some deserved and some not.. but at least he acted.

Yes, Obama was handed a crap economy. A crap economy brought on by the housing crisis that was penned by Pelosi and Dodd and signed by Bush under the fair housing act or whatever it was called that forced banks to do all that sub prime lending. Do you think banks just all of a sudden one day all went "man, we should really take on a s**t ton of high risk loans that could sink us!". No, it was because they were forced to by the point of the legislative gun.
Coincidentally, do you know which lawyer trained Acorn and other "social activist" groups into harrasing banks to comply with that law? I'll give you a hint.. hes our current president. Its funny how things come full circle. So while he might not have been president during the crash, he did have a part to play.

He has also trippled the debt in 3 years that took 200+ to get to the levels that he took over at. And what do we have for it? People are now unable to claim more unemployment, so the "weekly unemployment numbers" are going down. Those numbers Obama is trying to tout dont measure true unemployment, they only measure how much of the population is on unemployment compensation AND actively looking for a job. True unemployment has been resting around 17%+. Thats nearly 1/5th of the people still out of work. Yet my kids got another 40k worth of government debt on their heads to show for it.

I havent been impressed with any president in quite some time. The american people are at fault. We nominate these jokers. If more people actually payed attention and educating themselves on the issues instead of making 1 sided snap decisions, or decisions based on coolness, looks, or race.. we would be 10000x better off. These Jokers would never run for office if people actually vetted them first.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 16:45 4

19. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

Too bad all the facts are against you. The biggest terrorist attack on US soil happened under Bush and it was Obama that killed Osama. Man you just don't care about facts at all do you?

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 19:07 4

24. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Thank you taco! I have no problem admitting Clinton missed a golden opportunity to get Osama. If I recall correctly, I'm not 100% sure, but the whole "Blackhawk down" tragedy somewhat weakened Clinton's clout with congress. He couldn't have gotten anything approved at that time, but he still should have tried!

The housing debacle...we have thirty years of deregulations, greedy banks, and both sides turning a blind eye because they were all getting paid to. There's plenty of blame to go around. This didn't start with Palosi, Bush, or Obama. Obama is just the one who was left holding the bag. He is the one who is turning things around for this country, but he'll never get credit from a Republican for it.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 19:15 2

25. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

lol, obviously we are just going to go around and around. ive pointed to very specific facts that are easily looked up. you have only given liberal mantras, vague statements, and not a shred of verifiable fact.

there hasnt been 30 years of deregulation that lead to the housing bubble. there was a very specific bill that FORCED banks to take risky sub prime loans. There were very specific people involved in that bill. Banks do not take high risk loans without being forced to. they are not in the business of high risk. to even think that banks would go sub prime crazy without a government gun to their head shows a complete lack of understanding about banking and financials.

WEM, you should know by now that any time you agree with taco, you have a 98% chance of being wrong. Taco has no idea what he is saying, he is just disagreeing with me because he is obsessed with me.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 19:45 2

27. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

So 9/11 didn't happen when Bush was president and Obama wasn't president when Osama was killed?

I've proved you wrong so many times it's not even funny. BTW don't forget Q1 bet of who wins in smartphone sales. It's looking good for Apple.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 23:26 1

31. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Taco, I'm one of the most optimistic persons on earth, but you're really hopeless, I give up.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 00:11 2

34. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

How's that exactly I just pointed out a couple of facts. Bush didn't get Osama for 8 years Obama did.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:01 2

38. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

Don't waist your time with Remixfa when it comes to politics because he is a genius. LOL! In his eyes this is all Obama fault and he is not cleaning it up but making it worst. what a joke! Obama hasn't did a thing in office and bush did America great good! Don't make me laugh!

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 20:16

29. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Taco and I have disagred and faught more than any two users on this site. But what does that have to do with the truth? The plain truth is Obama is taking this country into a much better direction than any of the idiots that you would vote for. He's not perfect, but he's ten times the president we had four years ago! Obama is killing dictators and pirates left and right. Our last president was a joke, so much that the current republican candidates are still avoiding his endorsement. He a war criminal and BTW, about 90% of all the military experts say waterboarding didn't get them any useful information. And they even said the victims of waterboarding would make stuff up just to make it stop. Why should I believe your comments as opposed to those in the military who have done it and had it done to them and said that it's ineffective? The people who use to do it don't even agree with you!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 00:32 2

36. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

The housing bubble happened from 2003 - 2006. If I recall correctly Bush was president during those years.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 09:42

47. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

hey taco, does the president write the bills?

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 08:49

44. 412News (Posts: 16; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)


posted on 01 Apr 2012, 23:16 2

30. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Wow I'm stunned by this post, it's because of people like you that we're swimming in the s**t today. Congrats.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:04

40. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

The truth hurts, don't it?!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 09:47

48. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

YOUR truth doesn't touch me simply because it's not shaped by your brain but from mass media interests. Don't use your head as a divider for you ears, think!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:01

39. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

Couldn't have said it better myself!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:19 1

41. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

You finally said something some what negative about Bush OMG you just commented blasphemy LOL! What is your take on the Treyvon Martin case?

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 21:24

55. Triton (Posts: 24; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

Yeah. And give a fake reason to attack Iraq. An unnecessary war. Putting this country more in dept. Thank you Bush.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 00:41 2

37. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

You forgot he 1. Got Osama, 2. Got Gadhafi, 3. Affordable health care, 4. Economy slowly coming down like he said from the beginning in office, 5. Bridged gaps with other countries, 6. Showed proof of his birth certificate yes he is American and he don't waste time trying to prove it to idiots when there's more important things to do. and 7. Ended don't ask don't tell and working toward stopping bulling, 8. He keeps his cool and move forward with his great family serving the USA while being attacked by racist idiots! I'm proud to be an American lol. Let's Vote in Newt Gingrich and have him cheat on more wives, or Mitt Romney and become a Mormon and have many sister wives. I never seen so many sad circus clowns and I guess we know who is the real cunt. Now lets get back to phones because there will be some angry tea party members in come 2013!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 09:41 2

46. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

1) the military got Osama with intel gathered under bush

2) he didnt get gadhafi, he had an illegal air raid under the guise of a "coalition" which was only the US to help out the raiders who got ghadafi. Obama has been trying to wash his hands of it the whole time.

3) his affordable health care is unconstitutional, and its not affordable. only a fool who hasnt actually read up on it would think that. The supreme court is going to strike down the individual mandate which is going to cripple and kill Obamacare... right before the election. good luck with that.

4)the economy hasnt changed. the last uptick was the christmas sales. The only reason it LOOKS like its changed is because when the government announces unemployment numbers, it ONLY counts people who are currently recieving unemployment and actively looking for full time work. With the max unemployment being 99 weeks, many people have fallen off, and are no longer counting. True unemployment still runs around 17%, which is not better than when he took office.

5) he has done more to alienate us with other countries.. the ones we call allies... than any president in recent history.

6) yes, hes an american. yaaaay.

7) ending dont ask dont tell was a good thing.

8) only a moron thinks that everyone that disagrees with obama is racist. if you voted for him because of his skin color that makes you just as racist as anyone voting against him for his skin color. his great family that spends more on vacations than any president in history, while we are in the 2nd great depression. yes, treat yourself like a king while your subjects starve.. great president.

your last statements are just sad and idiotic. seriously.
BTW, Obama never would have been in a place to get osama or anyone else without Bush's wars that you were so against. Now that "your guy" got to the finish line on something, your tune changes. hypocritcy runs rampant.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 10:46 1

53. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

1 Osama was captured in Pakistan, not in any of the countries Bush invaded.

2 illegal air raid?

3 Only a fool would vote against his own best interest and cheap affordable health care

4 economy sucks

5 Bush comes to mind as doing much more damage to America's rep

Your last statement: how exactly did Bush's wars help get Osama when we got him in Pakistan?

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 21:28

56. Triton (Posts: 24; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

Remix, why does the government makes everyone pay car insurance?

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 23:46

57. GoodFella (Posts: 112; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

@Triton- Because, driving is a privilege. You need a driver's license. (why on earth would the Government make everyone pay for a license? And car registration?... hmmm, I don't know...)

Car insurance is to protect those you might harm or whose property you might damage in an accident. It is required because driving is a privilege in which you must demonstrate competence to obtain a license.

You are talking two TOTALLY different types of insurance...

Damn, can people get a clue?

posted on 03 Apr 2012, 09:45 1

59. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

wrong. you CHOOSE to have car insurance by owning a car. no one is forcing you to drive. take a bus, taxi, or ride a bike... no car insurance involved.
if you want to drive you are required to abide by the rules including insurance. but unlike obamacare you can easily opt out by not driving.

try again

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 08:00 3

10. greathero1 (Posts: 559; Member since: 13 Jun 2008)

Lol! I see the nutcases are out in full force this morning. How about we stick to phones and leave the over the top right wing and left wing talk to the political blogs.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 18:51 2

21. 412News (Posts: 16; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

hahaha 4real!

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 18:51 2

22. 412News (Posts: 16; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

O.B.A.M.A 2012!

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 18:53 3

23. 412News (Posts: 16; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Now back to phones...well thats a good way to raise money because sometimes i dont feel like taking out my card to make an online payment.

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 19:56 1

28. Whateverman (Posts: 3248; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Thank you! And yes, I think it's a much easier way to get people to donate. No calling a hotline, no giving out your card number, just bill me.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 23:47

58. GoodFella (Posts: 112; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Mindless donations...

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 19:20 2

26. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

O.B.A.M.A. 2012.
couldnt have said it better myself

posted on 01 Apr 2012, 23:31 2

32. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)


Remix, I don't know where you're from but I would love to get together for a pint of beer and some tech and politic chat! You're brilliant.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 01:22 1

42. apocalypsebc (Posts: 148; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

LOLOLOLOLOL! Lets have a pint of beer and talk about the Treyvon Martin Case! What's your take on that Cellphonator?!?!?!

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 09:23

45. cellphonator (Posts: 298; Member since: 29 Oct 2011)

Is that politic? Oh that's right, our President puts his nose in cases like this only when there are racial issues.
"I will be the President of everybody, no matter what race or religion" Uhhhh Nobel Price for Peace, ridiculous giving a Nobel for a speech or two.
Good example, instead of saying I trust our justice system and I'm sure the investigations will shed light on what really happened, he says "that would look like my son if I had one". Ok lets get out on the streets and kill who ever looks like that moron or even better lets tweet the moron (wrong, Spike Lee) address so we can go there and make justice ourself. Good, good stuff.

The fact that I vote Republican doesn't mean that I have to agree with everything Republicans say, that might shock you, but I have my own take on everything so that make me more an Indipendent conservative than a Republican. When I vote I feel I'm voting for the least crap candidate, as everybody stinks and don't deserve to be President.

Another poster here said something to remixfa like "I'm surprised you're Republican and you don't like Apple which is the pinnacle of capitalism" so based on your political ideas you should be in favor of all business and against all labor and unions, that's stupid, it's not black or white when you have a brain to use, but that's the problem people don't use their brain, they just watch tv and believe what ever they say instead of think think think.
We deserve what's happening 360 degrees around from politics to everyday life, if you spit up it will fall on you.

There is no hope for this country, there is no hope :(

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 09:48 1

49. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

ahh, treyvon martin, the latest hot button fake racial issue.

so a hispanic man kills a hoodlum in his community and isnt arrested and somehow in the media he is a white man and the kid is just an innocent young teen in the wrong place and time.

whats my take on it? Let the COURTS decide what happened. You and I were not there. If you want to judge something based on sensational media coverage, thats up to you.

in florida there is a self defence law. That is why zimmerman was arrested and then let go. If they cant find any evidence to hold zimmerman, then there isnt a "crime" so to speak. If they cant disprove zimmerman's story that he was being beat up and fending for his life, then the law is on zimmerman's side.

If you want my opinion on the matter, I dont think its racial. I think 2 dudes got in a scuffle and one walked away. Would it have been racial if trevyon was the one walking away? If you want to look like a hood and act like a hood, you are going to get treated like a hood. A culture of ignorance and violence is nothing to aspire to.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 10:24

50. greathero1 (Posts: 559; Member since: 13 Jun 2008)

So wearing a hoodie makes you a hoodlum? so all those kids that buy them from abercromie or ae are trying to look like a hoodlum? i own 2 hoodies that I wear quite often in the winter when i am exercising, so i am trying to look like a hoodlum? lol you are so full of it that its ridiculous. the fact that the incident never should have taken place just doesnt dawn on you. the 911 operator told him not to follow the kid. the guy follows the kid, then gets out of his truck for a confrontation. so a scared kid who noticed he was being followed wasnt going to be very defensive and not fear for his safety? the author of the bill already came out in a florida newspaper and said that the bill was not intended to protect instigators and agitators but to give VICTIMS the right to defend themselves. the man was not a victim, he created the entire event and should be in jail.

posted on 03 Apr 2012, 09:49 1

60. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

I'm glad you know all the facts of the case. where you there that night? got it on tape?
ooohh. you don't? then why don't u let the police handle it. I bet money they know hundreds of details you don't and that were not leaked to the media.

just jump on the hype train.

no owning a hoodie does not make you a hood. I didn't even mention a hoodie. hood= wannabe gangbanger.
reading comprehension

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 10:28

51. greathero1 (Posts: 559; Member since: 13 Jun 2008)

Add that to the 2 big mistakes we made in 2000 and 2004 lol!

posted on 03 Apr 2012, 09:53

61. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

lol I don't disagree with that. but we are making worse mistakes.each time. ugh.

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