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Galaxy S7 edge vs iPhone 6s Plus drop test

Come on in, torture lovers! Brace yourselves, the 5.5" Galaxy S7 edge drop tests are commencing, and the destruction efforts have been augmented with a concurrent test of the 5.5" iPhone 6s Plus for a good measure.

What happens when you drop a glass-and-metal phone and an all-metal one from roughly the same height? Well, we won's spoil the fun in the vid, just have at it, and let us know if you knew the end results of the test beforehand.

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posted on 02 Mar 2016, 09:47 3

2. byazatt (Posts: 269; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

I hate these drop tests.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:04 23

7. another1 (Posts: 157; Member since: 25 Dec 2015)

Everyone from PA hates these tests when they are in Apple's favor.

What's really funny is remembering how everyone was opposed to glass backs that hated Apple and all of a sudden are ready to accept them now since Samsung is doing it.

As both a Samsung and Apple fan, this site is simply filled with hypocrisy across the board.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:05 14

9. Jimrod (Posts: 1380; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)


I like the Samsung phones in general, I just hate the hypocrisy of posters here.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:39 2

26. 0kax0el0 (Posts: 175; Member since: 15 Nov 2012)

I have a Xperia Z2 and really like it, but I hate the crystal back. Seriously, who though crystal back in a phone is a good idea? It certainly looks pretty, but its quite prone not only to fingerprints, but also scratches. And its not even something that you see regularly, but when you're trying to sell it, even if everything else is in very good condition, the scratched back makes the buyer try to lower the price. Then you use a cover for the phone or even just the back, making the hole "pretty phone" pointless.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:56 3

28. Jimrod (Posts: 1380; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)

This is the endless problem with modern phones - since the days of toughened plastic Nokia's went away and style took over it's all about what looks good, which sadly means most users end-up putting their phones in a case because we all drop them at some point... Rendering the stylish looks largely redundant (as well as adding bulk!).

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 15:29 2

45. darkkjedii (Posts: 21367; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Post of the month award is yours sir. I adamantly remember fools dogging Apple for it, now they're on Samsungs sack, like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fellow Samsung/Apple fan.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 10:09

63. willard12 (Posts: 1693; Member since: 04 Jul 2012)

Was Gorilla Glass 4 invented and used on the iphone back in the days when you remember how everyone was opposed to glass backs? If not, then you are basing your claim of hypocrisy on false equivalence. Rather than this site being filled with hypocrisy, it may just be filled with idiots that think all glass is equal.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 10:34

65. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 10115; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

Wait! Really?

Here it the facst in a logical brief point.

A dual glass phone vs a phone with glass only on the front broke faster faster constantly being abused for no reason other than clicks. But you think we hate videos simply because Apple phone wins?

What did it win?

The Galaxy is a dual glass design. Which makes it 2 times as fragile.

Here is why the video isn't realistic. In 8 of the 10 cases, these phones both will be in a case and likely have screen protector. With a case, the galaxy will be less fragile as the rear glass will be completely covered with a harder or software case where it can absorb and impact.

If you set out to destroy a phone, you can and will.

What did the iPhone actually win? I recall Apple also had a phone with a dual glass design. The 4 and 4S both did. The rear panel wasn't even glass. It was a cheap ceramic material which broke much easier vs using Gorilla Glass.

The front glass is always more solid, because it is glued to the glass of the actual display panel. While a rear glass panel is thinner.

I don't care who wins in a test that doesn't prove anything. It only proves this guy is an idiot to run out and but 2 phones that costs $700+, to record himself purposely trying to break them.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 09:48 1

3. khalid123 (Posts: 29; Member since: 27 Feb 2016)

what Nothing is best Nokia C1-01 is better than iPhone or galaxy

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 09:53 1

4. xondk (Posts: 1410; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

Well nothing real bad there, both very durable and sgs7 edge's design leaves it a bit more vulnerable? that said, those I know that work for repair shops, still say iPhones are by far those that break the most, though of course they can't say 'how' they broke them.

Maybe because people just don't treat their phones right and with iPhone its reputation and such makes people not feel there's a need to treat it properly so they treat it poorly and that's why more break? in short user errors?

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 09:56 5

6. twens (Posts: 978; Member since: 25 Feb 2012)

I'm not buying my phone to drop it. I have my 6s plus for nearly 2-3 months now and have never dropped it. I don't blame dropping my s7 edge when I buy it either.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:04 11

8. Jimrod (Posts: 1380; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)

Shame this test didn't go the other way or I could see all the "Smashgate" comments against the iPhone, outcry, demands for all iPhones to be recalled, iSheep fools etc... since it's the Samsung the comments are "of course glass breaks..." What a surprise!

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:20 6

24. SenorThrottles (Posts: 284; Member since: 23 Dec 2015)

Stop trying to start an argument. You're honestly no better than the fan boys you're mocking.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:42 9

27. Jimrod (Posts: 1380; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)

I'm right though aren't I? If this was the other way around the Fandroids would be going nuts. This site is always full of abuse for anything "i" related but people get very defensive when it goes the other way.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 13:17 3

36. SenorThrottles (Posts: 284; Member since: 23 Dec 2015)

tbf pretty much all fan boys are like that

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 12:06 4

31. MrHate (Posts: 226; Member since: 09 Feb 2015)

But what he says is true.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 14:11 1

41. RoboticEngi (Posts: 722; Member since: 03 Dec 2014)

Instead we get you crying every 4th or 5th post about hypocrisy samsung fans..............

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 11:53

66. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 10115; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

The phone has a dual glass design. If you drop it, your risj of breakage is 2 times higher.
It is a design flaw. Glass breaks.

None of you clowns said s**t when Apple had a dual glass design. You all loved it. Now that Samsung has it and its actually much better since iyt uses GG4 and not GG3, you're tryign to claim we are jypocrites.

Since I'm not a fan let me be a bit blunt. I don't like dual glass designs no matter who does it. For a phoen that will cost $600+ to own and risk higher breakage, it sucks. I dont care who did it first, best or period. Its a dumb design choice because it makes an already facgile electric device I have to handles 100's a times per day, more fragile.

Having said that, I can't deny it makes the phone look and feel more premium. I said this same thing vs Apple when they made plastic phones and then chose this dual glass design. I bashed Apple for it because its stupid, and being straigh honest; its not any less stupid with Samsung or any other OEM doing it.

Ai agree with many posters about the new Vivo which also has this dual curved design, but they chose a metal back. I think a metal back is better.

Because either way I am shoving it into a case because metal is just as stupid for the back as glass is. Both are equally easy to damage. Scratches on glass are actually much easier to fix, as long as they aren't deep and same for metal. I have repair both very easily is Acrylics and clear nail polish.

For metal phones, what I usually use is. cover up all the ports. I take a acrylic coat and brush on a thin layer. Let it dry for 3 hours or so and it leave a nice shiny finish. But it s clear coat that yes is slippery. But if I drop the phone, it will damage the outer coating, but not the actual original metal finish. When I go to sell my phone. All I do is burn on a new layer, which fills in any gaps and its clean and fresh again.

We can't help how Samsung chose to design their phone. "OF COURSE GLASS BREAKS. What can you do about it? No much. You goign to do what you will do with any metal and glass phone whether the back is metal or not. Spend money for a cse, or skin and move on.

What else exactly are we suppose to say?

Let me be more frank. Just because some stupid ignorant ass idiot with too much money can afford to go buy a phone and post a video of him torturing them until they break.

Its an unrealistic video because A, I'm not goign to torture my phoen until it breaks. B. Because I'm not an idiot who walks around with an unprotected phone C I'm not a fanboy.

So your point though well taken because it is true of some, isnt true of all of us.

Glass does break. The point is, if you don't want your phone to get damage, you protect it with a case and a 9H harden glass cover or whatever you think you need including insurance and move on.

You typical haters who love other devices, always try to call out others on the same things you all are guilty of. Makes you just as much of a hypocrite too.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:07 3

10. DoggyDangerous (Posts: 859; Member since: 28 Aug 2015)

of course, glass is more fragile than metal or plastic, thats a common sense. It is about a design decision than about a durability against iphone. I don't think it is a fair comparison when we know that one phone is a glass and the second phone is not.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:14 10

12. Jimrod (Posts: 1380; Member since: 22 Sep 2014)

Did that stop glass iPhone 4/S durability comparisons to the plastic Galaxy?

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:32 5

15. Wiencon (Posts: 1882; Member since: 06 Aug 2014)

This is the hypocrisy you talked about at its best

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:07

22. DoggyDangerous (Posts: 859; Member since: 28 Aug 2015)

this is their fault, not mine. I still hold the same opinion.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 12:06

67. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 10115; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

Nope! Even then I said its stupid because plastic is more resilient.
But just the ignorant fanboys do those tests. So are you really bashing your own kind? After all aren't you a fanboy?

Speaking out against stupidity, isn't going to make a stupid person stop doing it. Right?

Its better to skip articles like this because they only prove the only valid point one poster I know made.

"if you set out to destroy a phone, you can and you will.

Dropping an unprotected phone on a hard surface will break it. Doesn't matter if its glass/metal, glass/plastic or all plastic. If you intent is to break it, you will torture it until it breaks.

The iPhone isn't better because it didnt break first. The positive thing here is the fact that the Galaxy didn't break first is not only pure luck, it actually shows you can use very fragile materials and have a moderately strong phone if done right. If this was an iPhone 4/4S, the back panel would have broke right away because it isn't glass at all. Its a cheap ceramic material...not Gorilla Glass. So the Galaxy is certainly better in this regard, considering that Corning has had years to make their glass far better to be used the way Samsung is using it now.

Why not look at it that way vs just harping on hypocrites that exists on both sides of the table as I have seen you and other iPhone fans be some of the biggest hypocrites.
But you fanboys always choose to start a stupid argument about what some people do or say. That doesn't mean everyone does.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:13 3

11. Sondae (Posts: 279; Member since: 02 Jan 2013)

This drop test reminds me of iphone 4s vs samsung s2 lol.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:25

13. byazatt (Posts: 269; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

I don't hate because it's Samsung or iPhone, just can't come to terms watching expensive gadgets get broken. Whether metal or glass, if you torture your phone it surely will look fugly.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:34

16. barcas (Posts: 48; Member since: 01 Sep 2014)

I think its just fair to say credit is due to both phones, the iphone for being THAT durable & the Galaxy for standing up as well as it did CONSIDERING its design choice.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:34

17. Trakker (Posts: 283; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

I'd never buy an edge phone because any case still leaves too much exposed glass, but the standard S7 a case goes above screen level so any full frontal drop the energy goes through the sides of the case rather than the whole phone.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 10:41

19. judik971 (Posts: 75; Member since: 26 Sep 2013)

Do you think that 3D Touch might be the reason of the screen resistance ?

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 12:10

68. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 10115; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

No. The fact that the outer glass is glued to the glass on the display, makes the glass on the screen thicker vs a single pane of glass for a real panel.

This would be true of any phone.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:06 1

21. saif2711 (Posts: 69; Member since: 22 Feb 2016)

The iphone refuses to die..gorilla glass 4 saves the sammy really!!

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:13 2

23. darkkjedii (Posts: 21367; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Techies gonna start his cycle off this one. Someone get him some tamps, and Midol.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 11:58 1

29. jove39 (Posts: 1859; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Impressive...and now taking case off my 6s plus.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 12:01 1

30. HighOnAndroidFTW (Posts: 185; Member since: 26 Apr 2015)

I'm pleasantly surprised, my s7 edge is a Beast. The front took what 5 shots till it broke, from waist, ear, Alic above the head then 2 10ft drops to the front panel. Lasted till the end that's with side drops in the middle as well which compromises the integrity even further.

Very impressive. Ands yes it should of lost to the iphone.it has no frame by the front of the screen to hot along with or before the when like the ip6s.

Bravo Samsung Bravo

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 12:10 2

32. MrHate (Posts: 226; Member since: 09 Feb 2015)

Sammyfags where you at.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 12:22

33. wando77 (Posts: 843; Member since: 23 Aug 2012)

The head height screen side drop was well uneven. He held the s7 above his head and the iPhone was dropped at eye level

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 12:50 1

34. Trex95 (Posts: 905; Member since: 03 Mar 2013)

Went today to pre order the S7 edge black and found that the camera isn't as good V10 :/

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 13:41 1

37. mjergen (Posts: 2; Member since: 02 Mar 2016)

The principal flaw of the video is that the phones use completely different materials. If they want to compare metal phones, they should pit the metal iPhone against a full-metal Android phone, say the LG G5, not a glass phone. Both SGS7 and LG G5 are recent flagships, but the G5 is metal while the SGS7 is glass. I for one believe that the G5 would've lasted longer than the Galaxy S7.
But hey, I guess we shouldn't expect neutrality from a Youtube channel called "EverythingApplePro"...

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 13:50 1

38. StanleyG88 (Posts: 231; Member since: 15 Mar 2012)

How about iPhone 6+ vs Droid Turbo 2?

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 14:06 2

39. sissy246 (Posts: 1045; Member since: 04 Mar 2015)

Still won't get me to buy icrap

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 15:07 1

43. Teeeyoo (Posts: 97; Member since: 13 Jul 2013)

Glass vs Half Glass/Metal so? Before that droptest begin you will really know what to expect!

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 15:27 2

44. natypes (Posts: 1093; Member since: 02 Feb 2015)

'Everything Apple' and used all iPhones to film the footage....sounds about as fair as any other comparison where Apple comes out on top to me.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 15:48

46. MrElectrifyer (Posts: 3017; Member since: 21 Oct 2014)

Give it a break dude, the iPhone 6s/6s+ has been strengthened very well above the flimsy 6/6+, which he also compared to the Galaxy S6 (bit.ly/1KVu465), deal with it. Apple has done a great job in the durability department. Here's hoping Sasmsung strengthens the glass back and front on the future galaxy S series.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 15:54 1

48. natypes (Posts: 1093; Member since: 02 Feb 2015)

Half of the iPhones I see in public are broken lol. I fix more iPhone screens than Android by a wide margin. I understand there are more of them, but I just do not believe in their durability. Glad you do.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 16:10

50. MrElectrifyer (Posts: 3017; Member since: 21 Oct 2014)

There are way more previous gen fragile iPhones than the current sturdy 6s, it makes sense to see more of those previous gens.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 16:27

51. Bobgatto (Posts: 2; Member since: 02 Mar 2016)

The Samsung S6 Edge actually has Gorilla Glass 5 and not 4!

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 21:59

56. xfire99 (Posts: 834; Member since: 14 Mar 2012)

There is NO such Gorilla Glass 5, dude. Both S7/S7 Edge are using Gorilla Glass 4. Which is still the latest version of GG!

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 16:27

52. Bobgatto (Posts: 2; Member since: 02 Mar 2016)

Sorry that was S7 Edge.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 21:36

55. Gaurav008 (Posts: 328; Member since: 20 Jul 2012)

The only thing that makes me worry about my 6S Plus is its curved design, always fear it might slip just outta hand. But that build quality provides comfort as I hate putting on a case.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 22:13

57. xfire99 (Posts: 834; Member since: 14 Mar 2012)

Google wireless charging - aluminium and you will understand why Samsung went with glass back. Reason is why iPhones till doesnt support wireless charging or others phones with aluminium back.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 01:13

58. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2062; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

the iphone is so tough and that s7 edge looks like a toy.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 07:08

60. xondk (Posts: 1410; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

After looking at the video a bit more closely, this seems to be a fake break?
Look at 4:37, the slow motion close up, there's no damage to the phone at this point, however he flips it over, to front up, then there's a jump/cut in the video, and then when he turns it back over, it cracked visibly so? seems rather odd that the clearly obvious break wouldn't appear before that cut and that it was fine before such, manipulation of video and broken intentionally?

Especially those of you watching in 4k will notice there's absolutely no sign of the break before he flips it around, then afterwards turning it back, suddenly there's the break? after a cut and similar? and yes of course once the glass is compromised it begins breaking, but the fall didn't compromise it?

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 09:56

62. Vyshak75 (Posts: 5; Member since: 03 Mar 2016)

yes... i think the same. there is a cut in the video.something fishy...

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 09:50

61. yogeeg (Posts: 4; Member since: 23 Feb 2016)

Come on get real ! This sh*t doesn't proof anything y'all know that.

posted on 03 Mar 2016, 10:27

64. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 10115; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

As one posetr I saw on YouTube say, "if you set out to break you phone, you will break it". These tests don't ptove anything. I've dropped phones dozens of times and they never break, and I'v e dropped one only once and have it break right away.

What matters is surface type and how the phones initial contact effects the device.

Glass breaks. Dropping a phone causes shock to the glass and casing. If it doesn't break, consider yourself lucky and move on.

What this video proves is some guys have so much money to waste to take a perfectly good new workign phone, and purpose set out to destroy it for clicks and money.

I didn't even watch the video because it doesn't prove if one phone is any more or less durable.

posted on 04 Mar 2016, 03:03

69. xondk (Posts: 1410; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

If you look at the comment I made, the phone is undamaged at 4:37, only after the jump cut, after he turns it around and lifts it is back suddenly damaged. so yeah, video seems false, though of course people will say that the crack wouldn't appear until phone is moved, clearly haven't seen breaking glass before, especially on a 4k video, it would show..clearly..only makes this kind of video even more pointless.

posted on 04 Mar 2016, 08:47

70. Anonn (Posts: 230; Member since: 04 Jun 2014)

Watch Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Water Test! Actually Waterproof ?


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