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Samsung’s presence is felt in every facet of the consumer electronics space, there’s just no denying the reality of that. From its firm grip in the smartphone market, to other specialized areas like music streaming, Sammy is all about delivering quality consumer electronics products and services that help to enhance our daily lives. Very recently, they’ve entered the lucrative mobile optimized audio accessories market, where its new Level series is aiming to give hardened brands a good run for their money. We’ve already put the Samsung Level In headphones through its paces, so now it’s time to divert our attention on its portable Bluetooth speaker solution – the Samsung Level Box.

The package contains:
  • User guide
  • Travel charger
  • 3.5mm auxiliary cable
  • microUSB cable


It’s almost shocking that this is something crafted by Samsung, since it’s graced with premium materials that combine to give it one solid construction.

Looking around at its current line of smartphones, it’s almost hard to believe that the Level Box is designed and produced by the company, since it’s sporting a design that employs premium materials. Graced with a slick metal chassis, where it’s available in black or white, the Samsung Level Box screams sophistication and sturdiness that we rarely see in Samsung’s work with its smartphones. Indeed, this portable Bluetooth speaker tips the scales at a hefty 600 grams, but it’s something we don’t mind because it merely gives the speaker a solid feel in the hand.

At first glance, it appears as though it’s sporting a uniform metal body, but upon closer inspection, the speaker grill seems to be comprised out of plastic – the sturdy variety, that is. Wrapping around the entire speaker, it safely hides away the speaker’s internal components. Around the rear, however, we’re presented with its power switch, Bluetooth button, 3.5mm auxiliary port, and microUSB port for charging.

Meanwhile, the top surface of the speaker is home to its other physical buttons – the pause/play, volume down, volume up, and the multi-function “talk” button. Lastly, it’s tough to see from the front, but there’s an LED light hidden behind the speaker grill.

In keeping up with the times, the Samsung Level Box features NFC connectivity, which his tough to miss because of the prevalent NFC logo positioned onto one of its sides. This is where its NFC chip is located, where we’re able to quickly and easily pair it to NFC-enabled smartphones – such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 in our case.

The design language is an absolute surprise to us, since it shows that Samsung is more than capable of delivering modern designs that have a premium touch to their constructions. Even though it doesn’t break the mold when it comes to speaker designs, we’re nonetheless agreeable to the direction they’ve gone with this model – it has that balance of sophistication and solidness to make it a pleasant offering.

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