Parrot Bluetooth Driver Headset Review

Introduction and Design


In our world, wireless connectivity and mobility are required from every business person and taking or making calls while driving is something that happens all the time. Even though not proven fact, driving and holding your phone is if not dangerous, at least very distracting if you are not using a suitable handsfree kit. That's why Parrot, who are a leader in Bluetooth solutions like car kits, have created the Parrot Driver Headset kit – a headset with suitable car charger/holder which is designed for in-car use only. While it is not very comfortable that you have to put it on your head every time you want to use it, like a normal headset and not as a car kit, it's nice that you may keep your conversation (or at least the incoming voice) private, as the kit doesn't use any speakerphone but transfers the voice over the ear-bud.

Box includes:

  • Car Charger
  • Headset

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