Nokia E52 Review

Nokia E52 Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA, but without 3G.
The American version supports AT&T's 850MHz 3G band.

In this short review we have paid attention to the differences between the Nokia E52 and the Nokia E55. For further information regarding the software functionality of the phone, please read our full review of the Nokia E55.

We have recently introduced Nokia´s first handset featuring a compact QWERTY keyboard to you, the E55, and mentioned it was almost identical to the follow-up of  E51, the Nokia E52 . The only difference in their individual appearance is the keyboard. The Nokia E55´s one consists of 20 buttons, whereas the E52 sports a standard, 12-button numeric keypad. The keys are large enough, easy to press and quite handy to use. Frankly, this is one of the best keypads we have used, ever. Everything else about both devices is absolutely the same and you can even mount a battery cover from one of them onto the other. Well, the Nokia E52 comes boxed with 1GB microSD card rather than 2GB, but this is not of utmost importance. The 2.4-inch screen remains usable in direct sunlight and is by no means worse than the E55´s one, although you can notice it is a tad darker indoors. Still, it is remarkably good.


The functionality of the Nokia E52 is not different in any respect than the E55´s. The phone works on 3G networks, sports a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and runs Symbian S60 3rd Edition with integrated Feature Pack 2. The E52 delivers equally capable organizer, nice messaging, Word and Excel 2007 support and quality browser. Thanks to Nokia Messaging, following email correspondence is fast and easy and if you happen to be on the road often, you will be able to take full advantage of the functionality of the World Traveler app.

The built-in GPS is as fast as the E55´s and the navigational software provided by the manufacturer is Ovi Maps again. Its version on our unit comes with 125 days of free voice navigation if driving, but without life-long license when walking. This, however, depends entirely on the region you are in, so you better enquire about the license at your local retailer.

The image quality of the stills taken with the 3.2-megapixel camera of the phone differs in no way from what the E55 delivers, no matter whether the snapshots have been taken in natural or artificial lighting. The integrated LED flash produces absolutely the same overall result and this is no wonder. The major drawback is once again, the lack of dedicated macro mode. As you may have guessed, there is no difference in the multimedia functionality either. The boxed earphones deliver sound with decent quality, plus you´ve got a 3.5mm jack, so you can plug in another pair anytime. The handset plays videos with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and the image quality is good, provided the video has been converted to MP4 using MPEG-4 codec and bitrate not exceeding 700 kbps.

Nokia E52 360 degrees view:



1. hargs48

Posts: 12; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Once again Nokia makes a stunningly well all-rounder...the choice really is go for the E52 or the E55... imo I would take the E52...I had an E51 back in the day & it was a classy device...this new E twins will cont. that tradition. Nokia now just needs to improve the UI on the touch devices and launch a proper high-end S60 V5 flagship...they will be sorted

2. scionr unregistered

Another important difference is the E55 does not support Skype! The E52 does.

3. ethecyalurete unregistered

Жизнь - это переход из одной формы в другую. Жизнь этого мира есть материал для новой формы
  • Display 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.06 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1500 mAh(8.00h talk time)

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