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Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review


Posted: , by Nanko R.


Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review
As a leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world, Nokia also makes numerous and various accessories for their models. Bluetooth headphones are one of the most widespread and that is why the company grasps the opportunity to participate in this market as well. We have already reviewed the small BH800; now we will discuss its quite bigger ‘brother’ – the BH900, meant for high-quality voice transfer. BH900 boast sBluetooth v.2.0 support, a DSP system, and an endurable battery.

In Box - Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review

In Box

It is absolutely surprising that despite its high class (and price), the device is supplied with the most humble of all packs including:
  • Headset
  • Charger
  • User Manual

  • Options

posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Sudipta Singh (unregistered)

I am a soft talker, and one of the things that continually bothered me with all BT headsets is that they seem to assume that you do not need a mic close to your mouth, but can pick up the sound from your ear/bone/ambient noise. No headset ever worked for me without me having to (for me) yell at the top of my voice, and even then call quality was bad. With this headset, all that is a thing of the past - people do not know I am on a headset, pairing is effortless, and the biggest plus for me -- the voice command function on this phone interfaces seamlessly to MS Voice Command on my WM6 Phone (T-Mobile MDA/HTC Wizard); My only beef is that my ears are also sensitive, so wearing the clip for long periods of time is not my bag - I end up switching to from ear to ear every hour or so and have no problems whatsoever. Your mileage may vary....... Once again - excellent audio!!

posted on 20 Aug 2011, 18:17

2. sameer khan (unregistered)

Hello sir i love this bh900 lovely pls get me one morei want one more pls help me

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