Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset Review

As a leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world, Nokia also makes numerous and various accessories for their models. Bluetooth headphones are one of the most widespread and that is why the company grasps the opportunity to participate in this market as well. We have already reviewed the small BH800; now we will discuss its quite bigger ‘brother’ – the BH900, meant for high-quality voice transfer. BH900 boast sBluetooth v.2.0 support, a DSP system, and an endurable battery.

It is absolutely surprising that despite its high class (and price), the device is supplied with the most humble of all packs including:
  • Headset
  • Charger
  • User Manual

This Nokia model is truly large; more than twice as big as its smaller brother BH800, it only looks normally-sized when placed next to one the same size category – for example Plantronics 510. In relation to the latter it seems to be even a bit small due to its shape – a more standard, elongated rectangle. BH900 features a specific hanging mechanism that looks like clips, symmetrically located on both sides, thus ‘impairing’ its otherwise slim body.

It is clear that the definitely sizable dimensions were not sufficient for Nokia, so they installed a sliding microphone: it moves forward to get nearer to the mouth for the sake of achieving a more distinct and real sound. Doing so is easy, despite the lack of a relief part to hold. It is made of dark, grey-blue plastic, unfortunately not difficult to smear with fingerprints at touch. On its end it has three openings on different sides.

The rest of the corpus is also plastic, though not so glossy. The goal is solely less weight, and the achievement is 18 grams. This is not a bad weight for large business-oriented headset and the weight distribution is also even, not displeasing for the ear. Strangely, there is no rubber round the plastic earpiece to ‘fix’ onto the ear.

The unit disposes of several buttons: a scroller for sound level adjustment, one for managing conversations, and a power key. Nokia deserve our sincere admiration for the 3-direction scroll, which can not only move up and down and be pressed for muting, but what is most important – is very convenient and effortlessly usable as well, just like the one of BH800 and in contrast to almost all buttons of various earphones’ makes and models. The ‘headphone’ button is on the front of the device; very small in size, but bulging out and unexpectedly easy to feel. Pressing it is simply enjoyable.


Usage of the unit is similar to that of other Nokia products. In order to pair it only must be switched on. In case it does not find an already paired device, the pairing mode remains active. It is reached through the telephone menu and the identification is done by 0000.

BH900 is not very different with regard to functionality either. Most operations are carried through the answer/reject button and the various ways of pressing it. In standby, a single push will turn on voice dialing and/or commands of the telephone, fast double one – last dialed number. At an incoming call the same button will answer it, unless very briefly pressed – for rejecting.

What is intriguing about this headset is the moving slider, acting in the same way as with the mobile phones. When there is a call, opening the slider will answer it, while closing it will interrupt the current conversation. Call rejecting can also be carried out thought pulling the slider down and instantly – back upwards.

In order to mute the microphone during conversation you must press the middle position of the sound control scroller.


What BH900 is intended for is quality sound – perhaps this is the headset with the best of microphones for human voice transition out of all models available on the market. The combination of a long piece that reaches your mouth, three openings for letting the sound in, and a DSP system, result in excellent quality indeed – even in a very noisy environment it is hard for the other side to notice you are using a hands-free device. The system filters all the background noises very efficiently and the sole thing that is let in is the voice; only other people’s talking can interfere with what you are saying. Sound is not only clear, but very real as well – your voice is live, with full frequency range, distinctness, and high volume. What you hear in the receiver is also very good, noiseless, and voice sound is real; however, the volume is just a bit over average, which may render it slightly insufficient in case the earpiece does not fix well into the ear.

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To attach the device to the ear, Nokia have used an interesting ‘clip’ or ‘clamp’, which is not like anything made by other manufacturers and an innovation by itself. A similar solution can be found in other models of the company.

After a few attempts one gets accustomed to the correct placing of the set on the head, using one hand only – it must be slipped onto the ear from back to front, so that the soft arms of the clips encompass it from both sides. Such positioning is really important; otherwise the BH900 will not comfortably lay on the ear and is quite likely to fall.

In case instructions are followed, the Nokia will cover the whole ear and its microphone will point at the mouth. Different people might have different ‘feel’ about wearing it: we sensed we had a headset on, but could not tell positively what its real size was – it is comfortable and does not overload. Moreover, if it is secured correctly in place, there will be no obstacle to a more prolonged usage, because it requires no tiring movements for the ear. The fact that it lies on the surface without being tucked into in no way whatsoever, also reduces the unpleasant sense that other hands-free devices may cause.

Its considerable size and the ‘serious’ appearance make the BH900 a more businessman oriented, rather than a ‘lady’s’ device. It is a stable headset featuring an elegant design that renders it easily noticeable. It stands firmly on the ear and looks really good.


Nokia BH900 is a very serious Bluetooth headset in every respect – having a stylish look, quality manufacturing and most of all – a very good sound. The incredible performance of the microphone in almost any environment is an achievement, which, combined with the convenient usage, makes us highly appreciate the headphone’s overall performance.


  • One of the best sound quality among all headsets
  • Very comfortable for use
  • Stylish hi-tech design


  • Mediocre battery and range performance
  • Some people (depends on the head) can not get it attached as it is supposed to

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