Nokia 6710 Navigator Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA, but without 3G.The American version supports AT&T's 850MHz 3G band.


Nokia is one of the few manufacturers that offer their own solution to the navigational problems some of us face on regular basis. While most major players would rather play safe and take advantage of products by leaders of the navigation industry like TomTon and GoogleMaps, the Finnish company sticks to its guns and keeps developing the app that has been recently renamed to Ovi Maps. Although the program itself can be found on many handsets, there is a special cell phone series dedicated to proper navigation and today you are meeting its third family member, the Nokia 6710 Navigator coming out as a follow-up to the 6210 that in turn, did leave us quite impressed last year. With a larger display, more capable camera, Wi-Fi support and latest Ovi Maps with nice extras, the new cell phone seems to improve on all aspects of its predecessor. The accessories that come in the box also contribute to the nice feeling you´re not getting just a cell phone, but a fully functional navigational system. So, what´s inside?

•    The Nokia 6710 Navigator
•    Wall charger (220V)
•    Car charger (12V)
•    Car stand
•    Stereo headset
•    microUSB cable
•    4GB microSD card
•    Nokia Ovi Suite CD
•    User guide

The car stand is well made and will allow you to comfortably position the Nokia 6710 Navigator in your car. All told, this is one of the most comprehensive accessory packs we have seen to date and you just don´t need to buy anything else; the handset deal comes, so to speak, on all-inclusive.


The massive, solid feel is one of the things we like best about the Nokia Navigator series. The 6710 is by no means a beautiful device, but is exceptionally well made. You will immediately notice the slightly protruding chin that reminds us of the HTC Hero/G1 and makes using the send, end and navigation keys easier. Most buttons are large enough (the phone itself is huge) and easy to press with the exception of the small key in the middle of the D-Pad and the volume rocker that doesn’t have enough travel. The upper keypad row is not exceptionally handy to use either, since its keys are located way too close to the slider edge. We quite like the small cover on your left that protects both the microSD slot and the microUSB port and we love the fact that the phone comes equipped with a standard 3.5mm jack. As a whole, the phone deserves praise in terms of ergonomics.

You can compare the Nokia 6710 Navigator with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The phone display is awesome. It measures 2.6-inches, comes with QVGA resolution and supports 16mln colors. Fortunately, the light sensitivity sensor works like charm and we didn’t encounter any issues in direct sunlight. The touch-sensitive area below the screen makes for an exciting extra feature and you can use it to zoom in or out no matter the current application – during navigation, while surfing the Internet, using the camera or just browsing pictures in the phone gallery.

As a whole, the Nokia 6710 Navigator is a slider featuring pretty standard design that will certainly fail to appeal to fashion savvy people. The only element that lends color to the overall look is the pattern on the back panel and frankly, we would have liked it better if it was rugged like on the 6210 Navigator, so as to prevent the device from accidentally slipping out of your hand.

Nokia 6710 Navigator 360 Degrees View:

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