Nokia 6300 Review

The announcement of 6300 introduces Nokia into the market of the stylish slim phones, which has been dominated so far by Motorola and Samsung and their respective series- RAZR/SLVR and Ultra. The main characteristic of this phone is its appearance and its ‘feel’ at touch rather than the functionality of the E and N series smartphones. Despite its moderate price the latter is a high quality device relying on high-standard manufacturing and oriented towards customers who would never sacrifice the appeal of the exterior, but don’t really need E50 smartphone or the image-creating 8800, which is two- or threefold more expensive.

The phone set includes:

  • Nokia 6300;
  • A charger;
  • Leather case;
  • Stereo headphones;
  • 128 Mb micro SD memory card;
  • Software CD;
  • Instruction manual.

The small leather case is elegant and adorned with graphic details, known from previous Nokia phones. It cannot be hung onto anything but simply contains the 6300 in order to safeguard the unit from scratching. At the beginning, the leather was rather tight and after inserting the phone in, it was quite difficult to pull it out.

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