Motorola H700 Review

Introduction and Design

Since Bluetooth headsets came on the market, we have witnessed the developing of various designs and solutions, influenced by fashion as well as by functionality.

Today we will discuss a representative of Motorola, which, besides its attractive and shiny look, is also very functional and compact. This is the Motorola H700, successor to HS850; we would define it as the smaller-next-of-kin to the latter with regard to size and weight.

The user receives the following items in the set:

  • Motorola Bluetooth H700 headset
  • Travel Charger
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

What you get is only the indispensable, without any extras to raise the price of the headset.


Motorola has several colors of H700 on offer, so you can choose the most appropriate one. They are black, black, blue black, cosmic blue, plum, fire red, silver quartz and D&G. The unit we had at our disposal for testing was silver quartz. The headset is a combination of two types of silvery plastic; the polished part is very susceptible to fingerprints, so we had to frequently clean it during our test in order to make it shiny again.

Like the previous model HS850, the H700 also relies on the so called “folding” design, but is significantly smaller than its predecessor, with dimensions 43/64 x 27 x 17 mm (1.69/2.51 x 1.06 x 0.66 inches) when in closed/opened position respectively. Moreover, the new headset is considerably lighter – the 20 grams of HS850 have been reduced to 14 grams in H700.

You dispose here of a microphone boom that can opened or closed; this, apart from being a designer solution, serves as an on/off button. Thus switching the headset on and off is exceptionally fast and easy, done by a single natural movement, similar to the opening of a clamshell phone. When not in use, one must simply fold it and leave it without the need to worry that they might have left it turned on – a feature to be appreciated by those who have a more dynamic lifestyle. The microphone itself is at the end of the boom, slightly protruding (as you can see), and surrounded by soft grey rubber serving as a shock-absorber at folding.

Like most of the other company models, the H700 has a total of three buttons – a call key and two programmable volume keys. Finding them is trouble-free as they are all somewhat bulgy, therefore detectable at sliding a finger over the surface. It is very easy and convenient to press them and the tactile feedback is quite good, with a quiet “tick” when pressed. The easiest way is to use the finger tip, but handling them with the soft part will not be a problem, either. As a whole, we are very satisfied by the lightness of operating the H700.

The light indicator is round the call key and has the same oval shape. The color (red, blue, green, yellow, and purple) and light intensity of the indicator supply information on the current state of the device.

Besides the microphone boom, there is another moving part – the earhook for securing the headset to the ear. It is made of grey plastic and the areas of contact to the skin are rubber-lined – a feature, meant to render the unit more convenient to wear. We are going to discuss whether this has been achieved further in the review.

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