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Introduction and Design
Introduction and Design:

Finding themselves in a healthy position right now in the mobile space doesn't mean that veteran handset maker Motorola is going to dedicate their efforts solely to cell phones. Rather, they're still pushing forward in the Bluetooth headset segment by conjuring up their latest achievement; the Motorola FINITI. Sounding a lot like a space age device, the Motorola FINITI is part of their Elite Series which means that it's manufactured with the utmost care and accuracy to provide an encompassing experience. Combining it with their MotoSpeak Android app, you can essentially even compose a text message by simply speaking it – which of course, supplements the hands-free experience. Included with the packaging are 5 ear gels, 1 ear hook, wall charger, and a user guide.

The Motorola FINITI definitely jumps out more than others with its painted chrome finish which is highly reflective. Granted it's constructed out of plastic, which makes it very lightweight, we do like the rubbery soft touch coating on its sides which contrasts well for its color scheme.

At first glance, the earpiece looks mightily intimidating with its spout jutting out and waiting to embrace the inner most portions of your ear canal. Even without using the ear hook, we're actually content with its firm grip and adequate feel which thankfully doesn't become bothersome during short periods of time. However, it tends to feel somewhat itchy where the spout comes into contact in your ear after an extended time.

If you happen to love physical buttons, you'll be enthralled to see the Motorola FINITI stacked to the brim with them just about anywhere you place your fingers. Powering it on/off is easily accomplished by sliding the power switch to the correct position – which makes for less fumbles in quickly answering calls. Furthermore, there are bumps along its soft touch coated side which provides some distinction for its volume and stealth mode buttons. Finally, the last one can be found towards the rear  next to its microUSB port – however, it's the most difficult one to make out while the headset is on your ear.


Pairing it up to a handset couldn't have been easier as we managed to get it connected to both an Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Fascinate, simultaneously. In addition, it's able to verbally tell you through the earpiece which device it's connected to by announcing their specific names. Adding to its stringent need to be hands-free as much as possible, the headset allows you to answer or ignore calls by essentially speaking key words. Finally, it'll announce whether the headset has low, medium, or high battery life when you first power it on – or by simply pressing both volume buttons at the same time.

If you happen to use an Android 2.2 device, you'll be able to utilize the MotoSpeak app which allows the Motorola FINITI to read out a text message – and at the same time, compose a message using your voice. Even though we used it with an Android 2.1 device, which had Nuance's Voice Control app, it still manages to perfectly comprehend our voice in executing a variety of commands.

Without a doubt, we find the actual volume up and down buttons to be a convenient option as they enable you to quickly modify the loudness level. At its loudest, the sound through the earpiece is more than audible which makes it resonate with some power. Moreover, voices have a satisfactory natural tone to them which happens to make every spoken syllable exceptionally sharp.

Windy or noisy conditions don't stand a chance withthe Motorola FINITI – especially when you have stealth mode enabled. Without it, our callers can pick up every single background noise from slight tappings to the howling wind. However, turning on stealth mode dramatically eliminates almost all evident background noise. In fact, we pulled down the window of our car to let the air in as we conversed, but our callers didn't hear anything except for our voice – but they did state that it gets a little muffled.

Fully charged, we were able to get out 5.5 hours of talk time before it completely dissipated and required a recharge. It's definitely not bad when the manufacturer has it rated for 5 hours, but it only gets better with its rapid charge time of only 15 minutes which provides for 2.5 hours of talk.


When the Motorola FINITI executes so handsomely in what it intends to do, like how it'll eliminate background interference, there's surely something to appreciate about its solid performance. Despite its undeniably steep $129.99 cost of ownership, there are too many worthy features that make it a standout amongst its peers. From its rapid charging to accurate text-to-speech feature, all of those thoughts about its premium pricing rapidly subside as it establishes itself as a vigilant item that will more than satisfy your hands-free needs.


  • Stealth mode eliminates background noise
  • Clear calling quality
  • Rapid charging


  • Muffled sounding with stealth mode on
  • Itchy feeling after long usage

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