Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset review


The current line of Logitech Bluetooth headsets is comprised of the Pro, Traveller, Freedom and the low end Express. Both the Traveller and Freedom are mid-level devices featuring Windstop wind-noise-reducing technology.

Package Content

  • Logitech Mobile Freedom™ Headset
  • AC power adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Bluetooth v1.2 compliant. Headset profile and Hands-free compliant
  • Weighs 0.90 oz (23 grams)
  • Broadcasting range of 10 meters (30 feet)
  • Talk time up to 7 hours
  • Standby time up to 250 hours


Freedom Front
Freedom Back 
Freedom in palm

Almost the entire headset is dark gray color with several silver highlights. It weights about 0.90 oz and is about 3 inches long. The headset features a large round ear-piece which sits on top of your ear. To minimize the discomfort, the ear-piece is covered with a foam cap. Around the edges of the ear-piece is the round rotating silver ring which connects to the ear hook. The problem is that the hook is squashing your ear in half when you are wearing the headset and you look like as if you are severely lop-eared. Needless to say this is very very uncomfortable.
On the top of the headset is the round rocker switch used to adjust the volume up and down. The switch is quite raised from the rest of the headset so it is easy to locate and press. Next to is the power on/off button.

The boom is about 2 inches long with a patent-pending WindStop mouth peace located at the end of the boom. Logitech even sent us a micro-fan to use to simulate wind and be able to truly appreciate the WindStop technology. The idea behind the WindStop is some type of porous plastic which stops the wind from directly blowing the sensitive microphone. I'll discuss the results I got in the Performance section.
 The charging port is located just below the speaker. Right above it is the LED indication.
I'll not even talk about ergonomics or fashion when it comes to this headset – they are just not present.

Freedom side
Freedom Microphone

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