Ugreen 300W Nexode desktop charger out to power everything, everywhere, at once!

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The new 300W Ugreen Nexode desktop charger out to power everything, everywhere, all at once!

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When the iPhone 15 lands this month, it will have a USB-C charging port, just like Apple's MacBooks and iPads and Ugreen will be ready with its most powerful desktop charging tower to date. 

Upping the ante from last year's 200W tower with four charging ports, the Ugreen Nexode 300W charger pushes the envelope with 50% higher output and 5 charging ports for the ultimate charging convenience for all devices on your desk, while at the same time retaining the ultra powerful 140W single port.

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At 300W output, the new Ugreen Nexode desktop tower charger is still as compact as only the GaN technology can achieve, yet it now comes with 5 ports to hook up all your gear to. Ultrafast 140W port for your laptop? Check. Four other fast-charging ports? Yep, and a Thermal Guard system to be on the safe side, all at 25% off for early adopters!

Ugreen Nexode 300W USB-C charger specs and device support

Here are all of the new 300W Nexode charging station features at a glance:

  • Hyper-Fast Charging with PD 3.1: Supports PD 3.1 and QC3.0, and more fast charging protocols including PD/QC/SCP/FCA/AFC.  
  • Fast charge 5 Devices at Once: 4×USB-C, 1×USB-A. The single post output is up to 140W max. High-speed charging for laptops, tablets, phones, and more!
  • Charging MacBook Pro 16'' from 0 to 56% in 30 mins. 
  • Superior Charging Safety: The built-in smart Thermal Guard system provides first-class safety by monitoring 6000 temperature readings per minute. 
  • Premium Design. A solid, fire-resistant and flame-retardant PVC shell gives added fire defense and resistance to bumps and drops.
  • With the switch to GaN powered integrated circuits from older, legacy silicon chips, the Nexode 300W reduces carbon emissions.
  • One 240W USB-C Cable Included.

The new 300W Nexode GaN charging station offers 5 ports, spread from the maxed out 140W Power Delivery 3.1 port, through 2x 100W and 1x 45W port, to the 22.5W USB-A port for the moments when all USB-C cables have been taken.

The most powerful Nexode desktop charging tower to date can top up your MacBook Pro, Air M2, or Dell XPS and Surface laptops, and have your iPad Pro and iPhone hooked up, then go on to add a Steam Deck console, all at once.

The gallium nitride (GaN) transistors in the integrated circuits of the newest 300W Nexode charger ensure the battery longevity of the charged devices through their current flexibility and adaptability. At the same time, they allow for an ultra-compact charging tower that minimizes production waste and results in a tightly designed, lightweight station that will reduce the clutter on your desk instead of adding to it.

To top it all off, Ugreen's most powerful 300W desktop charging station to date, complete with a USB-A port and 4x USB-C ports, including one with 140W output, is protected by its
proprietary Thermal Guard system that brings real-time temperature monitoring with 6000 readings per minute to protect the station from overheating or overcharging pulses, even at max loads for a prolonged period. The Nexode 300W comes in a tough flame-retardant PVC shell for added heat and drop protection, ensuring that the powerful compact charging station will serve you for years to come.

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The pricing? Ugreen has pegged the newest 300W Nexode charging station at $269, but there is a 25% off launch promo for early adopters. That’s for the ability to top up all your laptops, tablets, phones, and consoles, or at least up to five of them in various combinations all at once!

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