Twitter addresses a long-time bug with disappearing tweets, promises a fix soon

Twitter addresses a long-time bug with disappearing tweets, promises a fix soon
A lot of users have been complaining for quite some time about an issue with Twitter's mobile app. You may have noticed that sometimes tweets would disappear from view just as you're in the middle of reading one. This can happen when your timeline refreshes, when, for example, there are a lot of people replying to a single tweet. Now, however, Engadget reports Twitter is finally working on a solution to the issue.

Twitter working on solving the issue of the disappearing tweets

The company acknowledged it is a frustrating experience. The issue causing it is that the timeline will autorefresh when a lot of replies are sent to a tweet, but then, the bug will cause the tweet you were reading to completely vanish from your timeline. The company states in a post on Twitter Support that it will be addressing the issue and will be making it so you can have a fresh timeline, but at the same time, tweets won't disappear mid-read.

In the next two months, a variety of updates will be rolled out in order to address the situation. The company did not reveal what these changes will look like and it did not give an exact date for the rollout.

Other recent Twitter changes or updates

Recently, Twitter has been introducing a lot of new changes and features. One of the most recent features that are currently under development is the possibility to show edge-to-edge photos and videos that we reported earlier this month. This change will ensure a more immersive visual experience with the popular social media platform, and photos and videos will appear edge-to-edge, and not next to the photo of the person who tweeted them.

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This improvement in the way photos and videos are displayed on the app is a part of the general direction the company is going: making your Twitter feed a more visually pleasing experience.

Earlier this year, there were other changes introduced on the platform synchronized with the same general direction of creating a visually pleasing Twitter feed. Photographers and photography enthusiasts were pleased to hear that Twitter introduced bigger images and more cropping tools to the platform.

A few weeks ago, the social media giant introduced another functionality meaning to enrich the Twitter experience that the company dubbed "Communities". This new feature is again in a testing period as the one with the edge-to-edge videos and photos.

Twitter Communities are similar to groups on Facebook or subreddits on Reddit, and each Community on Twitter will have a moderator to watch over it. However, there's a level of exclusivity to Communities: they are invite-only, at least for the current period of testing. For now, you can only join a Community on Twitter if you've been invited, but the company highlighted that discovering or joining Communities on your own will also be possible in the future.

And last but not least, Twitter has been spotted to work on a possibility to automatically archive old tweets, so they don't remain on the internet forever. The tool to archive tweets is also under development right now and not publicly available. Tweets that will reportedly be Archived could be posts after 30, 60, and 90 days, or you could also select to hide tweets after a full year. However, at the moment, this feature is still in its concept phase, and it doesn't have a precise launch date.

With all these new features under development and being rolled out, Twitter is set to enrich its user experience to better compete with other social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and even the app with raising popularity TikTok.

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