Apple's iOS weather app won't post a temperature of 69 degrees

Apple's iOS weather app won't post a temperature of 69 degrees
The Apple iPhone weather app doesn't always give you the correct temperature. As The Verge discovered, on the handset, if the temperature outside is 69 degrees, the app will show that it is 68 or 70 degrees instead. On the other hand, if you go directly to the source of the data used on the app,, or look for the temperature from the iOS weather widget, they both will show 69 degrees when that is the correct reading.

If you're wondering why Apple might not show the number 69 on its weather app, it could be due to a bug or it might have been done by Apple on purpose to prevent its weather app from becoming the butt of sex jokes related to the number. Assuming that this isn't a bug, Apple's censoring on the app includes the current temperature, the hourly forecast, and the extended forecast.

However, there is some evidence showing that this issue is bug-related and not the result of some Puritan thinking taking place in Cupertino. Older versions of the operating system dating back to iOS 11.2.1 will allow an iPhone to show a reading of 69 degrees on the app as does the iOS 15 public beta. And the "hyperlocal" Dark Sky weather app owned by Apple also has no issue telling users when the temperature is a titillating 69 degrees outside.

If this is a bug and not the beginning of an effort by Apple to cancel 69 degrees, it is possible that it only impacts the latest iOS build or has already been fixed by the company.

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