T-Mobile challenges Google’s Chromecast with an ethernet Google TV dongle

T-Mobile challenges Google’s Chromecast with an ethernet Google TV dongle
The Chromecast with Google TV came out in September 2020, and it was a decent streaming device for the price at launch. However, it has been more than a year, and the streaming dongle from Google is starting to age fast.

Some recent updates have managed to keep the Chromecast somewhat relevant among other TV casting devices, but there is still much to be desired. Now, a new player is stepping in—T-Mobile with its aptly named “TVision Hub”. (via 9to5Google)

T-Mobile’s TVision Hub has a striking resemblance to Google’s Chromecast when it comes to the visual aspect of things, but it bears a couple of key differences in comparison.

The most obvious addition to the TVision Hub is the integrated ethernet port. Next to that, the image shows a micro-USB port for powering the device. There is also a built-in USB-C port on the website, but it is not visible.

The remote control also seems to have some different options. For starters, T-Mobile has provided controls for turning on or off your TV and the hub itself. Next to those buttons, there is one more functioning as a live TV guide shortcut.

Of course, there are dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix, including a third button above those for what seems to be some T-Mobile application. There is no information on the network provider’s website about what app this button would lead to. One thing is for sure, though, it won’t lead to the canceled live TV service T-Mobile used to offer.

Twitter profile SEI Robotics noted that the TVision Hub from T-Mobile has a better chip inside than that of Google’s Chromecast. It is capable of AV1 decoding, 4K HDR, and comes with Android TV OS 11. The Chromecast, on the other hand, is still rocking the old Android TV OS 10, and there is no news whether Google plans to upgrade that to a newer version.

The good news is that if you are a new T-Mobile home internet customer, you will get the TVision Hub for free with your plan. Otherwise, it will likely go for about $50.

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