Member of Samsung's sensor design team discusses its new 200MP ISP

Member of Samsung's sensor design team discusses its new 200MP ISP
At the beginning of this month, Samsung introduced its new 200MP ISOCELL HP1 Image Sensor. The new ISP will use pixel binning which combines multiple pixels adjacent to it to create a larger pixel that will reduce noise and perform better in low-light. Speaking of low-light performance, the smaller 0.64-micron pixels are not good for low-light photography (which usually benefits from larger pixels), but the ChameleonCell pixel-binning technology helps in this area by grouping 4 to 16 pixels in a single-pixel that improves the photos snapped in low-light.

Using 4:1 pixel binning, the 200MP sensor will produce 50MP photos using 1.28-micron pixels or 12.5MP photos using 2.56-micron pixels. In bright light, the phone will be able to snap, 200MP images. While we could see the ISOCELL HP1 used on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, a Twitter tipster says that Samsung will go with a 50MP RGBW sensor on some of its 2022 flagship phones, which adds white to the usual red, green, and blue sub-pixels found on most sensors to deliver improved contrast on photos.

Minho Kwan, a member of the Samsung sensor design team, stars in a video released by the company that discusses the 200MP ISOCELL HP1. First, we would be doing Kwan and the other members of his team a disservice if we didn't point out that this is the industry's first 200MP Image Sensor. Kwan says that the sensor helps pick out details that the naked eye misses.

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Kwan notes that in bright light, the sensor helps produce "crisp and clear pictures." When shooting high-quality video, Kwan says that 1.28-micron pixels are employed to record 8K video (at 30 frames per second). In the evening, 16 pixels combine to form larger 2.56-micron pixels allowing more light in. And Smart ISO technology delivers clearer photographs in dark environments. The sensor uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) to produce vibrant, vivid colors even when taking snapshots in areas that have both light and dark regions.

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The super fast Auto Focus enabled by the Double Super PD technology gives users the opportunity to take dramatic photos that stop fast action. Besides taking 8K video at 30fps, the sensor records 4K video at 120fps and FHD video at 240fps.

Samsung continues to be among the leaders and innovators in this space.

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