Samsung making Android tablets relevant again: LumaFusion partnership announced!

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Samsung making Android tablets relevant again: LumaFusion partnership announced!
Samsung just announced its latest and greatest tablet — the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. A long-awaited update for the Samsung flagship tablet line, because... well, not a lot of Android manufacturers dare to rival the iPad with a super-powered slate.

And there's plenty of reasons for that — the iPad gets a lot of love from developers and there are plenty of creative apps there, which is why creatives usually gravitate towards that tablet instead.

"Two can play at that game", Samsung says. At the first Unpacked for 2022, Samsung announced that it has partnered with LumaFusion to bring the app to the Galaxy Tab S8 line, optimized to work for Android.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

+ free Keyboard cover
$899 99
$1099 99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

+ free Slim Keyboard cover
$899 99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

+ free Slim Keyboard cover
$699 99

LumaFusion is one of the most popular video editors for mobile and is regarded as a replacement for the Final Cut for iPad that was rumored but never arrived. And yes, the one bad thing about LumaFusion is that it's exclusive to iOS and iPadOS. Well, not anymore it seems!

This is pretty huge — Android really lacks powerful video editing apps currently. And by that, I mean the kinds of apps that allow you to layer multiple clips, set keyframes, filters, and add plenty of text effects. We do have one or two apps attempting that right now, but they are either light on features, buggy, or ad-supported to the point that you give up on your project.

And that is a shame, since we have really powerful cameras on our phones now — it's just so intuitive to take a video on your phone, beam it to your tablet, and edit a trailer there. Or hey, even edit on your large Android phablet's screen, why else do you have that thing?

Now that Samsung is bringing LumaFusion to its tablets — that's basically one foot through the door. We expect that it will slowly become available for other Android devices, though there will probably be an exclusivity period first.

This is not the first time that Samsung has showed it cares for creatives. Back in the days when Android audio was super laggy, it was Samsung that introduced a Professional Audio driver to its systems, allowing musicians to use real-time audio apps (like guitar processors or synthesizers) with Samsung devices.

Hardware makers followed suit and made a couple of interfaces that were compatible with Samsung's phones and tablets. A couple of years after, Android audio finally caught up, and now there are audio interfaces and audio apps for musicians that want to use their mobile devices for music effects or light composition. Granted, the ecosystem is not as robust as on iOS, but at least there's something now!

Furthermore, the Tab S8 value is higher due to the native device cross-talk between Samsung mobile devices — from tablets to phones and laptops, Samsung is hard at work making these "talk" to each other. A new feature for the Galaxy Tab S8 and an S Pen-capable Galaxy phone shows that you can use the phone as a palette that you can "dip" your S Pen in while drawing. Pretty cool! And, as Samsung has a stable partnership with Microsoft, it uses OneDrive to to sync your files across devices and PCs and has extended Mobile Connect functionality.

All in all, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has chops and it definitely has the potential to pull customers away from the iPad Pro now. DeX mode is the answer for those that find the iPad's slide-over and split-view modes to be more constraining. DeX turns the Galaxy Tab's interface into a more desktop-like ordeal, with naturally floating windows, a "start" menu and a natural taskbar. Of course, we can't wait to test that performance!
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