Get rid of robocalls and spam with this awesome Incogni early Black Friday offer!

Get rid of robocalls and spam with this awesome Incogni early Black Friday offer!
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The modern age has given us a ton of tools for communication — phones, emails, chats, social media. That is indeed awesome for us, the users, but it also opens up a lot of opportunity for time-wasters, like robocallers, and worse — scammers.

Where do robocallers even get our data? Data brokers — these are businesses that scour the Internet for contact details. You may have left an email when subscribing for a service, or a phone number when registering for an app. These details are often public — and if they are not, data breaches are a thing that happens often — and they are found by bots and algorithms whose sole purpose is to collect as much contact information as possible. Then, it is sold to whomever wants to cast as wide a net as possible.

But worry not. Just like bots are used to collect your data, you now have the power to employ AI to scrape that data off the web. Incogni has been developed by VPN veteran Surfshark and it utilizes a combination of smart algorithms and human input to figure out who may have your data and submit a request for it to be deleted. Data brokers are compelled by law to honor those requests, and Incogni will keep track and handle follow-up communication and refusal appeals on your behalf.

Deal with Black Friday robocall spam with this pre-Black Friday deal!

Stop spam with Incogni's offer

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Since data brokers scan the web periodically, and since you are bound to subscribe for new apps and services, it's a good idea to have a continuous subscription to Incogni, instead of a one-off thing. The good news is that, during this years Black Friday season, you can have the annual plan for 55% off! Just follow the link above.

This means that, for a whole year, Incogni will be on the lookout for your details hitting any data broker's list, and will promptly be requesting a delete. Here are the types of brokers Incogni most often scans:

  • Marketing data brokers
  • Recruitment data brokers
  • Financial information data brokers
  • Risk mitigation data brokers
  • People search sites

Now is the best time to try out Incogni

Black Friday is ramping up, meaning you will be getting a lot... a lot of spam in the coming days. Which means that it's the best time to try how Incogni will work for you. If you don't see a drop in spam mails and unwanted, time-wasting phone calls within 30 days, Incogni will refund you. So, not only do you get an annual plan for 55% off, you can still cancel it if you figure it doesn't work for you!

And if you do see a drop in spam, you can keep the plan and enjoy a full year of digital peace and quiet in your inboxes!

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55% off deal live now!

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