modu phone to plug into various gadgets ?

modu phone to plug into various gadgets ?
The Israeli Modu Ltd., which was called InFone until a month ago, has designed a phone, which is said to “rewrite the mobile landscape”. Founder of the company is Dov Moran, the inventor of the USB flash drive and the device will be produced by Foxconn Holdings, a Hong Kong based electronics manufacturer. The phone is very small and will be able to pair (not wirelessly) with many different consumer electronic devices, creating a “unique ecosystem” e.g. you can plug it in a DICT phone or your car stereo. The small device will be used with modu jackets depending on the user’s preferences or necessities. A modu jacket is basically an electronic enclosure, which changes the overall look of the device or adds functionality to it. Few mainstream consumer electronics companies, including Blaupunkt and Texas Instruments, have agreed to develop modu mates such as, cameras, stereos and digital photo frames. modu will be presented at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona next week and in Q4 of 2008 it will be available in Russia, Italy and Israel with partner carriers.

source: Yahoo!



1. jvillan unregistered

that is sooo cool! i never thought in my wildress dreams cellphone would get to what we have now its increadible!

2. david unregistered

and those bloody antisemites should realize how briliant jews are

3. LA6507 unregistered

Very true, David. Israeli R & D is historically innovative! They are truly blessed with ingenuity. This phone concept absolutely rocks & I can hardly wait to see the endless possiblities!

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