Meta changes how it labels AI-generated content after complaints from photographers

Meta changes how it labels AI-generated content after complaints from photographers
Meta introduced new policies regarding all AI-generated content posted on Facebook and Instagram back in April. One of the new rules rolled out a few months ago was the labeling of AI-generated content and manipulated media with a “Made with AI” watermark.

However, photographers all around the world noticed that their images were labeled with “Made with AI” watermarks even though they only suffered minor modifications.

Meta acknowledged the issue and admitted that its labels weren’t always aligned with people’s expectations. Moreover, the “Made with AI” watermark didn’t provide enough context.

To avoid content that includes minor modifications using AI, such as retouching tools, to be labeled “Made with AI,” the social giant announced that it’s updating the label to “AI info” across its apps.

– Meta, July 2024

On top of that, people can now click on the “AI info” label to get more information about the image they’re looking at. Hopefully, Meta will provide more context on the content labeled “AI info,” so that users can figure out if they’re looking at AI-generated content or original content that’s been slightly modified using AI tools.

Meta's new "AI info" label | Image credit: Meta

Obviously, this means that Meta will start adding “AI info” labels to a wider range of video, audio and image when it detects industry standard AI image indicators or when users disclose that they’re uploading AI-generated content.

Meta amended its policy regarding AI-generated content a few times since launch, and it’s probably going to fine-tune it further as AI tech continues to evolve and more people start using it for various purposes.

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