Focus is the iOS 15 feature that many just can't wait to use

Focus is the iOS 15 feature that many just can't wait to use
Coming to iOS 15 is an interesting twist on how Apple handles notifications. It might not stop the whining from iPhone users, but it is intriguing. Called Focus, it allows the user to select certain modes which will then factor into the apps that will be displayed, the notifications received, and more.

For example, let's say you're at the office working hard on the Milgillacuddy account, so you set your iPhone for Work Mode. First of all, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter no longer appear on the screen and ESPN notifications won't shatter your concentration to announce the winner of the 2021 Miniature Golf championship. Your Sleep Mode might silence everything but the most important communications.

For many iPhone users, iOS 15 will be all apart the new Focus feature that will help users  focus on work, play, sleep and other things

The Focus Modes can be preset according to the time of the day, or based on your location. You might choose not to receive text messages during Sleep Mode and this will be known to the person trying to send you a text. By tapping on the "Notify Anyway" button, the message sender can make sure that his/her important message will still go through. So even if you don't want to receive texts during Sleep Mode, you can still receive that ransom note that the kidnappers sent you about your wife.

Apple says, "Customers can set their device to help them be in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest which people and apps are allowed to notify them. Focus suggestions are based on users’ context, like during their work hours or while they’re winding down for bed, and when Focus is set on one Apple device, it automatically applies to their other Apple devices."

Focus takes "Do Not Disturb" to the next level

If this reminds you of "Do Not Disturb," you are on the right track although this is a heavy duty version of the feature that helps iPhone users "Focus" on what they need at any particular moment and any particular place.

Some iPhone users are looking forward to the new Portrait Mode available for FaceTime in iOS 15. There is also a new SharePlay feature that allows users to watch streaming video content with others over FaceTime or even listen to tunes from Apple Music with others. And high on some iPhone users' lists is the revised Wallet app that will store more types of keys. Using Ultra Wideband technology, users can securely unlock and start their vehicles from the iPhone hidden away in their pocket or bag.

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