Curious renders envision a curved "banana" iPhone

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Apple may be working on touchless controls for future iterations of the iPhone, as well as a new type of OLED or microLED display that curves inwardly and from top to bottom, instead of outwardly and to the sides. With this in mind, designer Martin Hajek has decided to offer his take on what a future iPhone with this kind of display could look like.

The resulting renders are certainly interesting, to say the least, albeit plenty bizarre as well. Hajek's vision is somewhat reminiscent of the Nokia 8100—a.k.a. the banana phone—which was prominently featured in the first Matrix movie.

Hajek's take on the inwardly curved iPhone features such curiosities as an aluminum slide-down front panel that hides an indented second screen, seemingly relegated to displaying a touch keyboard. There's also two Apple logos. Two Apple logos! One is on the back, as usual, while the other one is etched on the slide-down plate up front. I'm struggling to decide which is crazier – Apple making a banana phone or slapping two logos on one of its products.

Check out all of Hajek's snazzy renders over at iDrop. Link below.

source: iDropNews


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