iPhone users drive the mobile sales activity on Black Friday

iPhone users drive the mobile sales activity on Black Friday
The horde that is consumer shoppers trampling the retail landscape in pursuit of material items after a day of giving thanks is oxymoronic for sure. For businesses in the United States however, particularly smaller shops, Black Friday has shown to be the day that can change the entire year’s outlook.

The brick-and-mortar commerce has been augmented by the use of commerce apps on mobile devices, and while Android has a huge chunk of market share, iOS users generated four times the revenue during the shopping blitz a couple days ago.

Online sales generated $2.4 billion in revenue on Friday alone. 27% of that was generated from mobile devices. Of the mobile portion, iOS was 79% of that was sales driven by users of iOS devices, over $500 million.

This puts a bit of iron in Apple’s glove to remain focused on the higher-end of mainstream devices, where people that can afford to buy and own an iPhone have greater overall purchasing power than markets where $100 unsubsidized Android devices are the norm.

Apple’s decision to continue working on the “experience” instead of chasing market share continues to remain a viable model, despite speculation (and predictions) that Cupertino would, or would eventually have to, make something “low-end.” Supporting previous generation devices instead gives Apple a little better exposure to the “more affordable” idea, but even a two-generation old iPhone is more expensive than a lot of Android or Windows Phone gear out there.

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1. BattleBrat

Posts: 1476; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

Actually, I discovered Galaxy Notes hold their value quite well..


Posts: 146; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

Interesting topic when most people WHO I saw bought a iPhone bought the previous version like 5s because it was $50.00 or free on contract. Which most iPhone people get their phone by. Good try. Get off the iballs juice

3. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

Once the experience is duplicated elsewhere, people won't bother spending extra for it. Apple fans laughed at anyone breaking the ipad market, now apple is no longer the dominant vendor. It is just a matter of time. Apple is still nowhere in trouble, but they never used to keep around old models before, like the ipad mini and ipad 2. Or heck, the old iphones. Heck, half their profits are from phones; kill that cash cow away and they are in trouble. Remember that jerk from apple saying how a lot of people pay $0 for a cell phone, and that's what it is worth? Well guess what an old iphone can be had for now.

12. nctx77

Posts: 2540; Member since: Sep 03, 2013

Lol! You are definitely butthurt. How many years you been saying this? You might want to speak to Sammy about this topic lol!

5. neurobiologist

Posts: 89; Member since: Nov 07, 2012

Keep mocking apple with your articles PA. There is nothing more enjoyable than reading comments from those pathetics about their beloved knock off company. Their long comments with zero sense in it makes normal people feel normal. Die apple, and fck you all who thinks apple is something other than bug, mistake, fail, murderers, sectarians or similar.

8. Fazz1977

Posts: 153; Member since: Oct 15, 2014

Amen brother... testify!!!

10. toiletcleaner

Posts: 224; Member since: Oct 10, 2012

Brought one iphone 6 to resell and get my self a Droid turbo. Thanks apple

13. strudelz100

Posts: 646; Member since: Aug 20, 2014

iOS users drive Black Friday sales because iPhone users have more money on average. The truth hurts.

16. MaverickOlo

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 25, 2014

Get outta here strudelz. My laptop costs 5000 USD+. And guess what? Has 1.1kg, is of aluminium & carbon-fiber, full-blown quad-core 8-threads i7 CPU, 2x256GB SSD in RAID0 with speeds of over 900 GB/s, etc. etc. etc. and what really hurts is that it's made in Japan and collector's item. And the only thing I use that was made by Apple (read: Foxconn) is that small white keyboard. Now go eat your heart out.

17. toiletcleaner

Posts: 224; Member since: Oct 10, 2012

And we ( android users ) are taking advantage of that. Thank you


Posts: 146; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

(Strudelz) you are so far from the the truth that the reality of you still wetting your mom's bed hasn't reach your brain yet. I don't know bout others but me I spend way more on tech then your average apple user know what a A9 chip is.

15. MaverickOlo

Posts: 5; Member since: Nov 25, 2014

Damn iDolatry.

18. bubbadoes

Posts: 1225; Member since: May 03, 2012

post 1. if you call value at $165 after costing over $700 a year ago for Note 3 hahaha

20. BattleBrat

Posts: 1476; Member since: Oct 26, 2011

I sold my Note 3 for $400

21. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

I did too.

25. darkkjedii

Posts: 31328; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Saying "I did too", doesn't prove squat. You're a trouble making Android fanboy. BattleBrat is a techie, that doesn't come here to start mess, even though he's no Apple fan. I'll take his word over yours any day.

23. darkkjedii

Posts: 31328; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Trade in value with AT&T for my note 3 was about $165-170, I sold it for $270 on Craigslist. I saw em priced at $350-$400. Most of those ones are still for sale. These Apple haters will do just that to no end, but check any 3rd party site, and you'll generally find iPhones to be the most valuable. I'm not bashing Android/Samsung, thats just a fact.


Posts: 146; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

Apple does have the most resale value that's all I'll agree with you on but a real techy will find it limited for person use.

28. darkkjedii

Posts: 31328; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Nahhh, a real techie will find use in just about any piece of tech. I've used Android and iOS faithfully for years, both have been great at what they do, both have hiccups, and pros and cons. Androids specs, and iOS's 3rd party support are the two strong points of the platforms. Sorry TRUVILLE, but I gotta disagree with you on that one yo.


Posts: 146; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

Nothing wrong with disagreeing , not dissing Apple as in build quality but when I can download current movies, music, and books for free without hacking Darkkjedii, this makes me choose android over apple any day I could careless about the price but it has to have a point to why I'm buying it besides isee everyone else do it I follow disease. If you not in music production or graphic design there is no reason to buy Apple product. As a experience graphic designer myself I find it easier to do web design on windows than apple.

22. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Just FYI. Most of the Black Friday deals I saw was the iPhone 6 was being given away free on a 2 year signing. The 6 Plus was as low as $99 for the same 2 year agreement. None of the top tier Android phones just released were being subsidized like this. Which to me is very unfair. Now I don't know who gets to make the call on how much a retailer or carriers subsidizes the cost of a phone. From what it seems, since carriers have already bought the phone, when they resale it to , they can choose to pay however much they want to get you to sign a deal. The carriers are always going to make money whether they give you the phone free or not. They just have to decide how much they to make on profits. If getting you to sign a deal for a phone that costs them 749 and you sign a 2 year agreement, they are already gonna make 3 times that amount back from you. But if they don't subsidize, they get half the money upfront, plus the same 3 times or more from you over the contract which is extra money for them. I am curiosu is Apple was afraid no one was going to buy the big iPhone. No other brand new released phone under Android dropped in cost so fast, or for a sign on deal. The Note 4 was still the same price...299. The Galaxy S 5 however was dropped down to free with a 2 year, before that it was $99. But it isn't a new phone anymore.


Posts: 146; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

I'm just glad apple finally made a big phone now now let's see who be the first to innovate next year software wise

30. toiletcleaner

Posts: 224; Member since: Oct 10, 2012

U need to wait till next year? Then next year u will be waiting fofor the next and so on

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