iPhone tethering to come soon?

iPhone tethering to come soon?
With the showing up of Netshare on the App Store a short time after its launch, excitement brewedover the fact of using the iPhone 3G as a modem but these dreams wereshattered when the application was taken off by Apple.

Now at the Web 2.0 summit, AT&T's CEO confirmed that the iPhone 3G could be utilized as a modem in the near future. The iPhone 3G was speculated to have affected AT&T's 3G network because of the sudden increase in users browsing the internet which resulted in slower speeds for browsing and poor stability for voice calls on the phone itself. Thus, the recent announcement on the issue of tethering was made after the 3G network was improved and made capable of handling such a burden; so as the rumor goes.

AT&T is notorious to charge a higher access fee for tethering and with the jailbreak option on the iPhone 3G, one is able to keep their current data plan and install free programs such as PDANet through Cydia which in return allows the user to use the device as a modem.

Could it be that the new 2.2 firmware will carry the tethering option? Only time will tell.

The recurring monthly charge for the feature and release date were not announced.

source: MobileCrunch via MacRumors



1. unregistered

stupid...dont mention it if it cant be done....plus, who wud want tethering options from a company who doesnt even know their own name...clowns...

9. unregistered

can you Verizon people please stop cmng to the AT&T and iPhone articles. If the iPhone a so bad then why are you guys so drawn to all the articles? Come on, find a new hobby

2. unregistered

gawd, another reason the iphone sux. just about every phone on the roster for vzw can tether, even the more basic ones. no pic messaging no video no tether and this is a great phone? bah!

3. unregistered

you dont own one so who cares what you think...Verizon sucks I should know I have been with them for ten years..

4. unregistered

verizon sucks, in your dreams the company that really sucks is at&t even sprint is better.

5. unregistered

verizon sucks? really? funny because they gained more customers than att last quater....hmmmm oh and att has a higher churn rate. oh and obviously verizon didnt suck too much or else you wouldnt have had them for TEN years. you probably left just to get the iPhone...good choice, by the way hows that 3g coverage?

7. vzw fanboy unregistered

idk gayt&t is making strides with their 3g, verizon is of course leading but. at&t has 3g coverage in lubbock, tx and in oklahoma city even tho vz doesnt. i dont understand number 3's comment how he can say verizon sucks lol.

6. unregistered


8. unregistered

Look lets face it. We are all going to have our own opinions. You have the hardcore AT&T customer and you have the hardcore VZW customer. I personally think that AT&T isn't the greatest, but again that is my opinion. There is no reason to debate over something like this. What I can say that I am almost 100% sure of is that when the Storm comes out AT&T will find themselves losing a lot of customers and the Storm will quite possibly put the iPhone to shame. AGAIN, this is my opinion.

10. Omnia!!! unregistered

Who needs the storm when the Omnia will be with VZW soon!!! I can't wait!

11. unregistered

dude thank your the omina will kick a$$ lol

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